HM 035 Idea Development & "Dinking" (V)

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Samstag Letzte Bearbeitung: 22. Juni 2019 um 12 Uhr 37 Minuten


Welcome to the fifths session.

What a challenge: all the elements prepared to be presented are not available. Because the internet-access to the computer installed in class does not work. Even after having asked for assistance, there was -technically speaking - no result to this problem.

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But the good thing: for the first time we had a high number of attendance. So, instead of waiting for any further prepared to be presented via internet, we ourselves became the centre of interest.

This means, we opened up the "magic metal bbw-box" with all the coloured papers in all kinds of shapes. And all the students started to scribble down some buzz-words about their major challenges they are/will be confronted with.

Then, each of us, stood up and presented his or her personal background, told us, why they decided to chose these buzzwords.

At the end of the day, on the wall these notes were assembled.

All the students - and the prof. included - made the following decision: