Preview: IFA 2019: Rokus Rolle rückwärts

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Hier eine Mail von der Messe Berlin, die uns am 15. August 2019 erreichte und nochmals auf einen Vortrag verweist, der an diesem 7. September 2019 ab 10:30 Uhr im Rahmen und in der Nachbarschaft der IFA NEXT stattfinden wird.

Dabei ist die am Ende dieser Ankündigung eingestellte Erklärung ebenso spannend wie gewagt, um nicht zu sagen, verwegen:

Anthony Wood predicted that someday all TV will be streamed. That day is at hand.

Anthony Wood, founder, chairman and CEO of Roku, Inc., will share his company’s vision and outline the strategies and innovations that are transforming television. Roku® has pioneered streaming to the TV by championing consumers, helping content companies build large audiences and improving ways brands reach customers. The company is the leading streaming platform in the United States and international growth is focus for Roku. In the second quarter, ending on 30 June 2019, 30.5 million Roku customer accounts streamed more than 9 billion hours of entertainment on Roku streaming players and Roku TVs.

"Consumers love our products because of the simplicity, breadth of entertainment and incredible value they offer. Our streaming players and Roku TVs give consumers choice and control over their entertainment time," says Anthony Wood, CEO of Roku. “We believe that all TV will be streamed, and that the industry will consolidate around a select number of TV operating systems, similar to what happened in the PC and smartphone markets. Nearly all TV manufacturers will license a TV operating system, like ours,” continued Wood.

A new era of TV is upon us. The future is at hand when every TV is connected to the internet, where modern software powers consumer experience, and advertisers and publishers have better ways to reach consumers. In the US, TV streaming has already altered the traditional linear TV distribution, by empowering consumers, bringing content publishers closer to valuable audiences and giving advertisers more effective tools. Similar advancements are picking up pace around the world.

Roku created the first purpose-built OS for TV and operates the No. 1 TV streaming platform in the US. The Company pioneered numerous innovations that strengthen the TV ecosystem and millions of consumers use Roku devices every day. The Roku platform is a trusted destination for publishers and advertisers who want to connect with a highly engaged TV audience.

A decade ago, Anthony Wood predicted that someday all TV will be streamed. That day is at hand. He’ll discuss the opportunities created by this profound and far-reaching transformation.

Zur Vorbereitung sei zur Lektüre angeboten:

Rick Porter vom Hollywood-Reporter vom 25. Mai 2019:
TV Long View: Streaming Future Suffers From Lack of Transparency

Und zu Beginn des Jahres schrieb Tim Siglin auf der "streaming media" - Plattform im Janura 2019 zum Thema: ATSC 3.0 and the Future of Broadcast Television: OTA Meets OTT:

Today’s over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts via terrestrial towers—at least those aired by ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and The CW, also known as the “Big 5” networks in the United States—still retain the quality edge over most over-the-top (OTT) and cable delivery.

Als Hintergrund eine IBM - Media and Entertainment - Studie, die schon 2015 auf der IBC veröffentlicht wurde:
Personal TV: The future of broadcasting

Wer sich noch umfassender mit diesem Thema vorab beschäftigen will, hier - ebenfalls auf Englisch - die noch weiter zurückliegende komplette UK TV-Studie aus dem Jahr 2014: "2024: The Future of TV", die inzwischen auch als PDF

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