AC Milan-Liverpool:
3:0 / 3:3 / 5:6

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3:0. Mit drei Toren in Führung, AC Milan mit: Dida, Cafu, Maldini [1], Stam, Nesta, Gattuso (Rui Costa 112), Seedorf (Serginho 86), Pirlo, Kaka, Shevchenko, Crespo (Tomasson 85).

3:3. Mit drei Toren aufgeholt, Liverpool mit: Dudek, Finnan (Hamann 46), Traore, Hyypia, Carragher, Riise, Gerrard, Luis Garcia, Alonso, Kewell (Smicer 23), Baros (Cisse 85).

6:5. Der Held des Abends: Torwart Jerzy Dudek, er bewährte sich schon in der Verlängerung und dann erneut im nachfolgenden Elfmeterschiessen: der Torwart hält zunächst gegen Andrea Pirlo und dann im entscheidenden Moment, als er auch den Schuss von Andriy Shevchenko [2] abwehrt.

Fotos &copy AP, BBC

Dennoch hat sich nicht ganz England gefreut: einige der
"bookmakers" in den Wettbüros hat es hart getroffen. Selbst nach dem 0:3 in der Halbzeit haben immer noch mehr als 100 Leute ihre Einsätze auf Liverpool gehalten. Das Ergebnis war ein Bonus von über 1:100 !

Hier Auszüge aus den ersten nächtlichen
sports-talk -Mails aus aller Welt an die BBC [3]:

Turned the clock back 20 years. Great to see an Italian side play, instead of defending at 1-0. Dudek’s Grobelaar impression had me in stitches, his double save in extra time was magnificent. Brilliant game, well done Liverpool.
Barney, USA

I’ve just led a group of mostly bewildered Australian pre-schoolers in a chorus of ’You’ll Never Walk Alone’. It’s a beautiful day!
David O’Doherty, Australia

My uncle won the European Cup with Villa and it makes me just as proud to watch Stevie G (the 3rd scouser) to lift, and bring home old big ears. Also - Jamie Carragher you make me cry with the passion you show.
Lee Mortimer, Liverpool

I’m speechless. Hamann was the difference. Don’t let him go!
Emma, UK

This is to all those who felt that this competition was devalued by the likes of Liverpool getting so far.... This is a team that beat Juventus, Chelsea and now AC Milan. A "defensive" team that scored the goals when it mattered. How many teams have put 3 against Milan this season? They are worthy winners of the crown and far from diminishing the tournament they have added another chapter to its and theirs illustrious history. 5 times they have been crowned champions of Europe.
Simon Pentolfe, United Kingdom

What the hell did he say to the Liverpool lads at half time?! I still have goose bumps thinking about the success!!!
Matt Donaldson, England

Absolutely unbelievable. At half time I was worrying about the biggest final defeat ever, but nothing could have prepared me for that. That’s the best victory of the five. Astonishing.
Chris, England

As a Valencia supporter I was very sad to see Rafa go, but tonight I’m happy for him and for Liverpool. What a sensational comeback! What great supporters! That’s the glory of football, and Liverpool can be proud to keep the trophy.
Joan, Spain

What a game! They were very lucky but thoroughly deserved it!This must be the second most unlikely football turnout since Greece’s win of Euro 2004!
George Blunkett, UK

UEFA may say no to their appeal to defend the title, but, the Cup is won, the medals handed out, nobody can take that from them; they’ve earned it. I don’t think there is another football club that can say their players play with the spirit that our Reds did tonight.
Nymart, England

Talk about the cliche of " a game of two halves". A wonderous achievment with Dudek doing a Grobellar at the end. Magnigicent.
Roy davies, Wales

Greatest comeback I’ve ever seen. Nerves completely shredded but so proud of the team and the red fans that were lucky enough to be there. We were all with you in spirit. Fergie got knighted, how about Rafa?
proud red, England

I have not seen a game like that in a very long time. That was an incredible comeback in the second half. Liverpool and their fans deserve every minute of tonight’s parties. It’s always a shame when a game goes to penalties. A goal in extra time would have made this a perfect match. Good luck to Steven Gerard in the rest of his career with Liverpool. Congratulations to Liverpool on another great European victory. Fingers crossed for next year!
Christo, UK

I am a Tranmere fan, not a Liverpool or Everton fan who watches the Rovers when there is nothing else on. I am passionately a white but I am also a Merseysider and this trophy, the European Cup, belongs on Merseyside. European Clubs chop and change managers every few months to secure this title. Teams like Man Utd spend tens of millions to win it. But Only Liverpool win it with heart and determination. They have won it witrh those qualities consistently and that is why the spiritual home of ther European Cup is Liverpool.
Alec Doyle, UK

Simply amazing display of football. Liverpool’s fighting spirit was there in full force for one of the greatest comebacks ever seen.
Guy, England

I’ve followed Liverpool for the last 42 years and never witnessed anything like this. English football was the winner tonight. Commiserations to AC Milan - they were magnificent in the first half and must have thought the game was over.
Alan Kavanagh, UK

Liverpool deserve it after 21 years of absence. And it is overdue for Jerzy Duzek who has suffered a lot for the past two seasons
Ken, United Kingdom

I used to have season tickets but Liverpool’s form over the last 5 years has not been great, I will try to get my season tickets back!!
Nick Horsthuis, Isle of Man

I cannot believe what I have witnessed. I watched the first 4 wins as a young lad, but as a 37-year-old tonight i feel like that kid again. Absolutley amazing!!!

Milan played well but this one had to go to Liverpool.If you look at what they had to overcome with numerous serious injuries. Beating teams like Chelsea, Juve and now Milan and to come back the way they did. They deserved it and finally puts this great club on the European Map where they belong.
Ali Javahery, USA

Once again Carragher was a rock at the back. Dudek made some purely inspired saves and kept Liverpool in the game in during extra-time as well as the penalty shootout. A deserved win by The Reds.

Robin, England

The team spoke about becoming legends tonight and they did, particularly Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher in the second half, both were immense. This won’t sink in for a long, long time!
Josh Longmuir, England

I’m not a Liverpool fan but I have just witnessed the best comeback in modern times. Liverpool have just shown us that grit and determination beats everything else negative. Congratulations!
Vincent Tan, Cambridge, UK

One has to think, that Emlyn Hunghes and John Peel had something to do with this!

Francis, England

I’m a Rangers supporter and at the weekend I didn’t believe miracles were possible. Turns out they are and Liverpool have kept up the trend.

Dave, Scotland

With all my heart, congratulations. We’ve waited so long, but we weathered the storm and we will hold our head up high!
Tarkie, Liverpool

The man-of-the-match for me must be Jerzy Dudek for he won them the cup. (Though they should sell him off as soon as possible because he simply is too erratic for the long haul.)
Tan Kah Heng, Singapore

Tottenham fan here. Awesome simply awesome. You’ve done the country proud!
David Sharp, New Zealand

Liverpool didn’t win, AC Milan gave it away. Gerrard dived to get the penalty but what a match. Restores your faith in finals, they have been poor for ages.

Many congrats. Deserved it. Got it. Simple.
suraj pal singh, uk

I can’t believe this game. Both teams were winners. The sublime skills of Milan and the fight of the Liverpool squad has only given football a good name. The words "hope" and "believe" were clearly the theme of the night.
Joe Lam, UK

This is what dreams are made off. Quite argubaly one of the best and most memorable finals in living memory. The new Liverpool have arrived.
Zak Kahn, Glasgow, Scotland

Well done boys, you couldn’t have made us more proud to be supporters of the greatest English football club of all time! This is the Rafalution.

Class, pure class...only Liverpool have the will to come back from 3 down. Bring that cup home lads !!!

Richard Kershaw, England

Fantastic night for all the Reds! I have to say, it was an agonizing (and unproductive) two-and-a-half hours at work!

Irra, USA

As a Celtic fan I didn’t think anything could cheer me up, but this was brilliant. Congratulations to Liverpool. You deserve the chance to defend your trophy.
Rob C, Scotland

Awesome match! You guys have done it, trailing 0-3 and coming back to draw 3-3 and win it on penalties! Congratulations! Liverpool, the "Kings of Europe" now!
Desmond Phang, Malaysia

I took three hours off in the middle of my workday to watch the final. At half-time, I was so disappointed I had my finger on the "off" button, and said to my wife, "I might as well go back to work". Then SG scored and I sat back down. What a phenomenal game!
Myles Kelvin, USA

Steven & co., you have made the Liverpool fans in New Zealand proud. You guys were awesome!!!!!!

Max D’mello, New Zealand

It was really a fantastic match, the best final game I have ever seen. Congratulations Reds! Thank you Istanbul!
Murat, UK

I grew up with Liverpool in the 70s and was delighted to watch them become the top team in Europe once again.

Kevin Baker, New Zealand

Very, very, very, very pleased!

Constantine, Russia

Wow. What a game it was. I was in the game and I must say it is the greatest final of all time. What a comeback, what a team. Gerrard is the best footballer in the world. Congratulations Liverpool.
Alican, Istanbul

Stevie showed why he’s the best midfielder, heck the best footballer, in the world - I wish I could kiss you right now!
Peter Ptashko, England

Greatest comeback I have ever witnessed. Down but not out. Way to keep on fighting. Congrats.

Mike Spencer, USA

Having got up early (0430), I was shocked by half-time. You walked through the storm and held your heads up high. Congrats on the comeback. You’ll never walk alone. See you in Europe next year.
Alan Fields, Australia

Go, Reds! We watched the game at a local pub run by a Liverpudlian. It was packed with a mix of LFC and Milan supporters. We left sadly at half-time, only to rush back after a phone call from my husband’s brother in Wales. We got back in time to see the amazing third Liverpool goal. We stayed to the end, glued to the set. Incredible!
the Wainwrights, Chicago, USA

Hi, I am just overjoyed by Liverpool’s victory which they fully deserve and want to congratulate all of them. My two sons (ages 10 and 6) are also huge Liverpool fans (my parents are from Liverpool). I would have to say that the man of the match was definitely El Capitan!!
Victoria Banks, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

What a comeback! Six minutes of magic. Well done guys, you are deserving champions. You beat the odds at the start of the season
Colin Gregory Romain, Trinidad

From a Leeds fan and team that almost made it, well done and respect. LFC all white but love your work.

David Hampshaw, London

Best final since Blackpool vs Bolton in 1953. Congratulations Liverpool.
John Insley, US

The strange reality is that so many individual players won’t be around next year. Even Dudek has got to go. Well done to Rafa and all the players - you got your reward and may you savour it forever.
Peter Smith, Barcelona

And to think I almost turned it off.
Tom Stone, Canada

Congratulations Liverpool. I’m an English exile in the USA. What an amazing comeback. I never got to watch the game over here. I knew the half-time score and when I got home and checked on the internet I was totally amazed. Congratulations to you all in Liverpool.
Paul Clark, USA

No comment could do this night justice. The greatest comeback in European history. Man of the match, Dudek. An amazing way to end his Liverpool career, on the greatest high possible.
Jon Knights, England

Joked to a friend we will win 4-3. OK it was on pens. Great Jerzy Grobbelaar, at the end he won it for us. Unbelievable scenes after the match in the pub, you see supporters all over the world.
Marcel van Olffen, Holland

Outstanding performance by a team that is struggling in the Premiership. Their will-power was just phenomenal. Congratulations to Benitez, Gerrard and the REDS.
Michael Morrison, United Kingdom

That’s the most amazing fixture I’ve ever watched in my whole life. I have supported Liverpool since 1985. Congratulations to each one of you. Good luck always.
Roberto Leao, Brazil

Congratulations, Liverpool and fans of Liverpool from all over the world! The players have proven, once again, the seemingly impossible that determination and self-belief can achieve. This is a match I am going to remember for a long, long time.
Kim-Yam Hang, Singapore

Helluva display in the second half. I thought the Reds were dead and buried but AC Milan just collapsed under Premiership determination for self-respect and not giving in. Worthy of the Liverpool of old! "Boro fan downunder"
Steve, New Zealand

Well Done boys! You guys were magnificent. Proud to be your fan. BRAVO from all Tanzanians fans

They will remember this final more because NO-ONE thought it could be done. But you did it. The boys in the Red March on......
Dan Douglas, uk

Fantastic, great for the country and to cap it all I backed them at half-time at 175/1! Baggies fan.

Dave, UK

What an awesome display! After the first half I thought we were done for but what incredible spirit! Well done boys! Thoroughly deserved, let’s hope we can convince Gerrard to stay.
Malcolm Porter, UK

Great game, wonderful comeback. I knew you could beat Milan even though it was penalties. Kings forever.
Neal Camilleri, Malta

Growing up in Liverpool I know what we can expect from the football club and they never ever give up. Fantastic win boys. Congratulations from Down Under
Kate Dorrington, Australia

A wonderful achievement. Great to see a Premiership team taking the ultimate European accolade. Well done, players, manager and fans. Let’s hope they allow you to defend the trophy next season.
Peter Dobbing, UK

This is what dreams are made off. Quite arguably one of the best and most memorable finals in living memory. The new Liverpool have arrived.
Zak Kahn, Glasgow, Scotland


[1die Torschützen sind jeweils mit Fettschrift herausgestellt: Maldini schoss gleich zwei Tore in der ersten Halbzeit

[2eben diese beiden sind in dem Foto nach dem Ende der regulären Spielzeit zu sehen

[3mit einer kleinen persönlichen Hervorhebung - WS.

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