NAB 05
Webcast via IP (E,D)

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Samstag Letzte Bearbeitung: 30. Mai 2005 um 12 Uhr 51 Minuten


The concept and set-up of an IP-based Live-Conference between Potsdam (near Berlin) and Las Vegas was supported by IRIS&reg Media, in collaboration with the companies SERVE-U in Berlin, SMART CITY in Las Vegas and the whole NAB Communications Department team in Washington D.C. on the occasion of
The German Cinema Industry Day .

Successful ‘Performance Testing’ was enabled following extensive preparatory testing setting up the connections and links.

All equipment was transferred from Berlin to Las Vegas, (laptop with German version software, PAL camera, microphones, headsets). This was appropriate as the same configuration had been used between two remote locations in Berlin and provided a stable environment for the long distance test with configuration conflicts.

"Thank you" to Jeffrey York for making and providing this foto

Contributors from the US side, during the live transmission, included

- James Mathers, President & Co-Founder of the Digital Cinema Society

- Dennis Wharton, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications NAB [National Association of Broadcasters]

The link was set up at 18.20hrs Berlin time and transmitted live for one hour to Potsdam in Germany from 19.20hrs.

The contribution from Las Vegas has successfully promoted a working dialogue between industry-professionals in Berlin and Potsdam.

An extension of the programme next year to establish a full Conference Link could now be opened for discussion between IRIS&reg Media and the NAB, enabling the organisers and all participants in Las Vegas to join this international online dialogue. Foreseeable developments may include video streaming’ and satellite transmission of HD presentations and discussions for all those, who did not manage to join their colleagues in Las Vegas - which will be the principal ambition of the NAB.

In particular, when the future standards and specifications for Digital Cinema are fully clarified between the "Seven Majors" and the SMPTE, a substantive dialogue with the "old world" may lead to new and productive outcomes.


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