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The Digital Opportunity - Acquisition, Production and Presentation in the Digital Domain

This session re-examined the case for digital and covered the acquisition, production and presentation in the digital domain. We looked at the developments from cameras to post production equipment and projection of images and sound, but the focus is on the commercial opportunity and how the new technology will impact on the movie business.

Chaired by: Peter Swinson, Peter Swinson Associates, UK

Milan Krsljanin, ARRI Media, UK

Steve Bergman, Deluxe Laboratories, USA

David Bancroft, Thomson, UK

Jeff Segal, Cinea, USA

John Couling, Dolby Laboratories, UK

Industry Perspective on Progress and Issues

The technical standards are largely complete and the business plans are ready. How do the industry’s key players see the timing of the digital cinema rollout? Creators, distributors and exhibitors all have major interests in digital movie deployment. This session reviews the issues that remain and the factors driving the new entertainment and business opportunities.

Chaired by: Wendy Aylsworth, Warner Bros, USA

Michael Karagosian, Karagosian MacCalla Partners, USA

Ahmad Ouri, Technicolor Digital Cinema, USA

Antoine Virenque, FIAD (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Distributeurs de Films), France

Bernard Collard, XDC, Belgium

Global Report and First Experiences

We invite the early users of digital technology to report on their experiences and learning. This session takes a global look at some of the programs that have been getting serious about digital deployment. Early adopters of the new technology from around the world report on their experiences and provide their own insight into the lessons learned at the cutting edge. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how business leaders are planning to use the new technology to generate new business models and competitive advantage.

Chaired by: Justin Ribbons, UCI, UK

Raj Tilak, VSNL/ADLABS, India

Bob Claeys, Kinepolis Group, Belgium

Steve Perrin, UK Film Council, UK

Howard Kiedaisch, Arts Alliance, UK

Future Outlook and New Developments

New technologies inevitably open new business opportunities. This session takes a look into the future of Digital Cinema. What are the prospects for 3D presentation and will sound systems continue to add more to the cinema experience? Can we expect to see developments in animation and special effects that will continue to enable block-buster performances and unique movie experiences? . We invite the creators of technology and movie creators to present their ideas about the cinema of the future and what’s on the horizon.

Chaired by: Glenn Kennel, Texas Instruments, USA

Matt Cowan, Entertainment Technology Consultants, USA

Michael Karagosian, Karagosian MacCalla Partners, USA

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