IBC & the World Soccer Games 2006

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Mittwoch Letzte Bearbeitung: 6. November 2005 um 22 Uhr 22 Minuten


Von: Dr. Wolf Siegert [Berlin@IRIS-Media.com]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. September 2005 17:38

An: Michael Crimp

An: Martin Salter

An: Phil White

Betreff: E-Soccer 2006: What Worked Where [1]

Dear Mr. Crimp, Mr.Salter, Mr. White,

RE: Our conversation following your Press Conference in Amsterdam.

Since returning to Berlin I have given further thought to the theme of technology outcomes following the 2006 World-Cup in Germany and the potential to create a themed event for next year’s show at IBC.

The promise of genuinely worthwhile experience in the application of state-of-the-art technology during the World-Cup will:
- have a truly international dimension
- emerge both at the stadium level, the national level and the use of
- signals in many different environments internationally make
- transparent the convergence-strategies from IP- via Mobile up to HD and 4K-Cinema fertilise the perspectives for the medium term technology strategies.

The truly global nature of the World-Cup as a media event provides a one-off opportunity for the comparative evaluation of broadcasters and service providers experience - a "snap-shot" of the current states-of-the-art.

Seeing what worked where will be a revelation.

I hope you think as I do that such an event would be beneficial to the IBC and the industry as a whole.

As I am based in Berlin, access to the World-Cup administration is straightforward.

Let me know of your interest after my trip to France ending 22nd of September after which I would be able to get the ball rolling.


[sign.] Wolf Siegert


[1Der Vermerk "confidential" wird zum 06. November 2006 aufgehoben, nachdem bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt von keiner der angesprochenen Personen eine institutionelle oder persönliche Reaktion vorlag.