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The organizers of CES, CEA, I must hand it really: they succeeded, to open up in time new markets and products that can imagine on this show. What the IFA of the white goods, the car has become for the CES. Especially with brands from Germany.

see the reports from CES to include 2014:
 from 6 January: "AUDIo @ International CES 2014"
 from January 11: "Kitchen or Car? CES’ Competition Comments".

or auto image report from the CES by 2015:

and after all the presentations - from Audi to Mercedes - BMW sets out this year to introduce its car of the future - and whose UI of the future:
called air touch. [ [ a pity only, that’s not there yet for the application is presented, where you would need it even much more: on a motorcycle. ] ] [ [ and on this day, the Berlin-based company presents itself with her new BMW promo movie on our desktop recorder:
A new chapter of mobility arises with the new BMW i3 and i8. With shots in Los Angeles and Berlin we made this great campaign come to life. This is the new international brand film of BMWi. Watch it here".] ].

but the motto of the floor is your’s applies in this year of the Volkswagen Group, which already had concluded the contract to participate in this year’s CES with certainty, before it became clear that more than 10 million of their car with fudged set of financial data on the route have been sent. And this scam first is blown in the United States, although he was known to the relevant circles obviously also in Germany. The word "Diesel Gate" speaks volumes, and now also in Europe, is the winged Word to this scandal.

to Andreas Horchler in the Germany radio programme "Environment and consumers" from the 6 January 2016 and then with a detailed post in the show "Economy lunch", in which not only VW spokesman Herbert Diess in the original sound is heard, but also CEA chief Gary Shapiro and the LG Electronics smart business center Senior Vice President Richard Choi with its WebOS approach, of which even talked the day before :

the whole thing now again in Word and image: in a Handelsblatt - post by Christof Kerkmann the 6 January 2015, 08:30: "VW at CES. A hint of future of the diesel haze."

with just this line already truly speak knows how to in the first paragraph for yourself. Kalia writes: "he reads"we have customers and disappointed and apologize for the American people", from the teleprompter."

In fact: "It’s a performance, through which she did many thoughts in Wolfsburg," as Kalman continue. Diess does not say what is on your mind, but says to tell him what the teleprompter from Wolfsburg.

because the there decision not to cancel the show was ultimately certainly right. Although the VW share sales on car’s in the United States at just 2 percent. But you will not take the chance let until the end of this decade with the new Budd-e the legendary success of the VW Bullis, the VW buddy camper vans, to connect to Californias coast.

go, so Diess, to the "new Volkswagen", so is in the horizon issue by Friday, the 18th December 2015 to read in an article by Michael Reidel:

"It is not only ’The car’, but that’s why, what’s happened to the customer with Volkswagen", says Herbert Diess, President and CEO of the Volkswagen brand cars, in the new VW employee newspaper "Inside". Translated, that means: the old claim restricts the brand for what is yet to come, too. So the CEO reports about the construction of a new business field "New Volkswagen". Focus on the "Volkswagen experience" should be here. "What can the car, what information are rein-and where are parking and shopping out played?", Diess mentions here as requirements.

what is there, but a much more important and far-reaching reason may be, that is the conjecture that the statement "The car" also no longer striving to document, will be the global brand No.1 among all car providers or also remain [ [ see also the report by March 15, 2014: "No Hangout: VW & Google" ]].


and also here – last but not least - the link to the CES day 2 video highlights, MOBILE world LIVE:

Hi, I am the Richard Handford, and welcome to CES. We are here at Netflix, where we have heard a keynote from the boss, Reed Hastings, on the company’s incredible growth.>Netflix has reached almost half of all US households, something that it took the cable industry over 20 years to achieve.

globally we are now in more than 70 million homes and people watch Netflix all over the world, on any internet connected device. Tune - in has been replaced by personal choice. We live in an on demand world, and there is no going back. You can see this change in the Netflix viewing stats in the 4th quarter people watched 12 trillion hours of Netflix, up from eight and a quarter billion a year ago.

today, I am delighted to announce that while we have been here on stage, at CES, we switched Netflix on in 130 new countries. [applause]>this morning so saw a presentation from BlackBerry and the never dull John Chen, who what is particularly bullish about the prospects of the company’s handset business.

>> so today I’m pleased to share with you that T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon have all agreed that I can mention right here, that they will so be carrying the Priv across all their stores. With that announcement, we now have all seven carriers, all major carriers in North America carrying the Priv>another CES favorite Tom Wheeler what so in town, talking about big money from spectrum.

>> there is great interest in this reverse auction, where we want to be buying spectrum. On the other side, this is the last time that we want to sell the sand on the beach. Because this is beachfront spectrum. I think it is safe to say that you are going to see a spectrum extravaganza.>And in another keynote, GM put their connected car ambitions in the spotlight.

>> in 2015, we sold seven times more 4 G equipped vehicles than the rest of the industry combined. Last year, just twelve years after BlackBerry come to the United States and nine years since the first iPhone, 1.2 trillion smartphones were sold around the world, all connected all the time keeping US.

so imagine the power of combining connectivity and electrification, in on automobile, at at affordable price. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2017 Chevrolet bolt EV.>And finally, I’m here today with Robert Bingler of hoverboard technologies. Hello.>Hello>and I guess you could say a truly mobile solution.

hoverboards have blown up big recently, but this is obviously a different creature. Tell me a little more about it.>it’s designed more with a skateboard stance, so with one wheel instead of two in the center, to where one foot is in front of the other like you or skateboarding are surfing.

>> and how soon are we gonna see this available commercially and how much would it cost?>we are shipping a lucky few, some prototypes over the next couple of months, but the actual production units will be coming out in July. The price point for this very high end product that you are standing on will be between three and four thousand dollars US.

>> okay. And it is so well as a connected product? How does that work?>So your cellphone becomes a big part of hoverboard experience. The app that connects you to the loads of data that are going on we provide with the hoverboard. The hoverboard is a very sophisticated piece of transportation, so it has a lot of batteries in it, a lot of control electronics, a lot of programming ability, audio system.

This is like a surfboard so that people who surf are the only people who have been able to get onto a hoverboard and ride it for the very first time.>which probablyexplains why I need a fair a bit more practice. This is Richard Handford for mobile world live.


Here to compare two companies-movies about self-propelled cars anno 2014:

the auto piloted RS 7 concept car Audi:

the self driving car project by Google:

these two films were in direct comparison at a visit to the D-School presented in Potsdam on 8 December 2015.

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