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Welcome Back
Steffi Czerny, DLD

08.40 The Break Up Of Big Tech
Scott Galloway, L2

09.00 Patterns, Platforms & Audiences
Diego Farias, Amuse
Lucas von Cranach, One Football
Fabian von Heimburg, Hotnest
moderated by Jan-Gisbert Schultze, Acton Capital Partners

09.40 Take Responsibility!
Setting Standards In A Disrupted World
Alexander Birken, Otto Group
Andrew McAfee, MIT
moderated by David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy

Wir sind immer mehr in der Falle der kurzzeitigen Beantwortung von Bedürfnissen.

10.10 Me, My Car, And
(The Less Important Rest Of) The
World – Rethinking The Relationship
Christoph Grote, BMW Group
10.25 Coffee Break

10.50 Mobility Hub Munich
Helmut Schönenberger, UnternehmerTUM

10.55 About Flying Taxis & High Speed Trains
Mariana Avezum, WARR Hyperloop
Dirk Hoke, Airbus Defence & Space
Florian Reuter, Volocopter
moderated by Greg Williams, WIRED UK

11.30 The Future Of Intelligent
Transport & Mobility
Markus Braun, Wirecard
Valerie Hackl, ÖBB Personenverkehr
Georg Polzer, Teralytics
moderated by Tabitha Goldstaub, CognitionX

12.10 Drive & Courage: How To Embrace
Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom
Katrin Suder, German Federal Ministry of Defence
moderated by Amy Wilkinson, Ingenuity

12.35 Content Traps: The Future Of Media
Bharat Anand, Harvard Business School
in conversation with Stefan Winners, Hubert Burda Media

13.00 Lunch

13.50 Europe & The Digital Economy
Klaus Hommels, Lakestar

14.00 Europe’s Digital Single Market –
Creating Opportunities For All
Mariya Gabriel, European Commission

14.25 Making Europe Resilient
To Cyberattacks
Gabi Dreo Rodosek, Universität der Bundeswehr
Mariya Gabriel, European Commission
Reinhard Ploss, Infineon
Arne Schönbohm, Federal Office for Information Security
moderated by Carsten Knop, Frankfurter Allgemeine

15.10 Uber’s Next Chapter
Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber
in conversation with Tanit Koch, BILD

15.35 Do No Evil 2.0: Rethinking The Tech
Industry’s Responsibility To Society
Matthew Bishop, Rockefeller Foundation

15.45 Enlightenment & Humanism –
How To Value Values
Julian Nida-Rümelin, Ludwig Maximilian University
Steven Pinker, Harvard University
moderated by Andrian Kreye, Sueddeutsche Zeitung

16.15 Coffee Break

16.40 Reconquer Optimism
Aenne Burda Award Ceremony
Christiana Figueres, Global Covenant of
Mayors for Climate and Energy
Laudation by Eberhard Brandes, WWF

17.10 Quantum Computing: A Catastrophic
Risk For Our Security Ecosystem
Michele Mosca, University of Waterloo
in conversation with Udo Helmbrecht, ENISA

17.35 4 Observations On Cybersecurity ...
Or Could It Be That We Don’t Have
A Problem?
Aleksandr Yampolskiy, SecruityScorecard

17.45 Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
Trent McConaghy, Ocean/BigchainDB
Nicolas Brand, Lakestar
Sasha Borovik, CRYPTOLOGY
Thomas Hanke, Heliad Equity Partners
moderated by Mike Butcher, TechCrunch

18.30 For The Grace Of Thoughts
Anne Imhof, Artist
in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist,
Serpentine Galleries

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