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Digital Cinema - Will the World Wait for Hollywood?

The D-Cinema Keynote

Chuck Goldwater launches the D-Cinema theme day with a review of the deliberations of DCI (Digital Cinemas Initiatives). DCI was formed by seven Hollywood Studios to determine their requirements for D-Cinema.

Chuck Goldwater will summarise the work which is fundamental and critical to mainstream deployment throughout the movie world.

- Chuck Goldwater, Digital Cinemas Initiatives, USA

Ready for the Big Time? - The Status of D-Cinema’s Technical Standards

In this session we review the status of the work to establish the technical standards required by and acceptable to the film and movie industry. The session will discuss the commercial implications at all levels in the production chain from creation to exhibition, and restoration. Presentations will cover the key ingredients in the digital delivery process including content delivery, security, storage, playout, programming and projection.

Chaired by: Peter Wilson, Snell & Wilcox Ltd., UK

- Tom McMahon, Dolby Research, USA

- Wendy Aylsworth, Warner Brothers, USA

- Howard Lukk, Walt Disney Studios, USA

- Peter Wilson, Snell & Wilcox Ltd., UK


A Global View of D-Cinema Applications

We take a global look at those organizations that are putting the new technology to work successfully. We discuss the results for feature films, and independent movies, and also review the new digital applications including advertising, live events, concert relays, and emerging genres of large screen entertainment.

Chaired by: Patrick Von Sychowski, Screen Digest, UK


- Patrick Siaretta, Teleimage, Brazil

- Joost Bert, Kinepolis, Belgium

- Rickard Gramfors, Folkets Hus och Parker, Sweden

- Fabio Lima, Rain Networks, Brazil

The Business Case - Making Money in D-Cinema

Is Digital Cinema technology bringing a valuable proposition or a solution looking for a problem? We ask the key players to provide a perspective on the digital imperatives. What can it do for the various business interests of Studios, Distributors, Exhibitors and new content owners? In panel format we open the discussion on new opportunities and future requirements of the big screen entertainment business.

Chaired by: David Monk, Independent Consultant, UK


- Patrick Von Sychowski, Screen Digest, UK

- Rickard Gramfors, Folkets Hus och Parker, Sweden

- Denis Kelly, Kodak, UK

- Jan Van Dommelan, International Union of Cinemas, The Netherlands

- Phil Barlow, Consultant, USA

- Steve Perrin, UK Film Council, UK

The Art and Craft of Filmmaking - Cinematographer Allen Daviau invites you to the Vampires’’ Ball

Allen Daviau, ASC will recount his experiences about the making of Van Helsing, beginning with an explanation of why and how a decision was made to grade the film in a digital intermediate suite at EFILM in Los Angeles.

The cinematographer will discuss how that decision affected his approach to shooting the film, and how he fine-tuned the look of the photography for continuity and emotional content, while weaving hundreds of visual effects shots into the story. Daviau will also share insights into how he believes the evolution of digital intermediate technology could affect the art and craft of filmmaking.

Allen Daviau has earned Oscar nominations for Bugsy, Avalon, The Color Purple, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Empire of the Sun.

Hosted by: George Jarrett, The Writer’s Cut, UK

Allen Daviau, ASC, USA

Digital Lifestyles - Bit By Bit Progress

Chaired by: Annika Nyberg, WorldDAB Forum, Finland

- Vincent Dureau, OpenTV Inc, USA

- Timothy Wahlers, Vidiom Systems Corporation, USA

- Jon Piesing, Philips Digital Systems Laboratories, UK

- Gerard Faria, TeamCast, France

- Uwe Rauschenbach, Siemens AG, Germany

- Sylvie Scolan, Harris Broadcast Europe - ITIS Products, France

- SeungKyu Lee, KBS, South Korea

The consumer of the future will have new ranges of digital services offered - both to the home and to personal and hand-held terminals. This session will look at how set-top box and home media technologies are developing, and how broadcast services can migrate to the mobile.

Addressable Advertising on Digital Television
- Vincent Dureau
OpenTV Inc, USA

Introduction to the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP)
- Amanda Jervis
Vidiom Systems Corporation, USA

The PVR/PDR Extension for the DVB Multimedia Home Platform
- Jon Piesing
Philips Digital Systems Laboratories, UK

DVB-H to Deliver Digital TV to Hand-Held Terminals
- Gerard Faria
TeamCast, France

A Scalable Interactive TV Service Supporting Synchronized Delivery Over Broadcast and Broadband Networks
- Dr Uwe Rauschenbach
Siemens AG, Germany
- Wolfgang Putz, Patrick Wolf
Fraunhofer IPSI, Germany
- R. Mies and Gerhard Stoll
Institut für Rundfunktechnik, Germany

Video for Mobile and Handheld Devices: Design and Implementation of the Korean T-DMB System
- Seung Kyu Lee, Cheon Sup Kwak
KBS Broadcast Technical Research Institute, South Korea
- Sylvie Scolan
- Harris Rennes, France

Connectivity and Reliability in the Home Media Networks of the Future
- Nick Thexton

Improving the Cinema Experience - Keeping Movie-Going Special

In the final session we involve the creators to explain the importance of making the cinema experience better. We plan to host this in the RAI Auditorium to demonstrate the requirements and illustrate the possibilities in a fully equipped theatrical venue. This session will discuss the work and ideas to ensure movie going remains a truly special and unique entertainment experience

The Digital Cinema day will provide a comprehensive global update on what’’s going on today and bring together the leaders that are defining the systems that will shape the future in a cinema that’s coming sooner than you thought!

Chaired by: Edward Hobson, National Teleconsultants, USA

- Glenn Kennel, Texas Instruments,DLP Cinema™, USA

- Howard Lukk, Walt Disney Studios, USA

- Allen Daviau, ASC, USA

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