The Wayver, Waifer, Waiver... Waver Game

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This was just a dream. The musicians on a sandy hill looking to the seaside whilst performing their songs. Then they started the "Wayver"-Game, involving the folks from the beach moving up the hill equipped with all kinds of little gadgets like small balloons etc.
When the last songs were sung, the games where played, a group of youngsters in the neighborhood explained what’s all about this game: called "Wayver".

Looking on the internet the next morning first there was nothing alike.

Here are some links that could be identified:


One who initiates; One who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development; One who initiates
Mike is a real wayver, without him, this party would have never happened. Einstein, a wayver in his own field, with his theory of relativity. God is a wayver.
by JOHNX March 17, 2015

 Wayver Media Inc.
Wayver is a new social platform reflecting the authenticity of your relationships. [1]

provides a suite of RFID enabled solutions to help your event be one to remember.

 Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ray-Ban



But there was no game with this name, and only this sound bite called:

Fuj - Wayver
by Translation Recordings saying:

Fuj unleashes five deadly rhythms of fury on the Crooks EP, showcasing sounds for the dance from half-time to 170 tempo. From the dubwise stylings of ’Deep Exhile’ and ’Wayver’, to the screwface mid-bass and thundering drums on title-track ’Crooks’, it’s evident the Sydney-to-Amsterdam transplant knows how to push vibes that balance experimentation with proper bass-weight for the dancefloor.

Listening to these beats you’re still questioning yourself, why this word - never heard before - has popped up in one of your dreams? Because I’ve installed a DreamColour - like HP-monitor the evening before to show moving images in an even better quality?

And you continue searching, you look for other connotations to this word.

You lookup the word "Waifer". You understand that there was a duke called Waifer of Aquitaine.

Your look up the word "Waiver" and you read: "A waiver is a legally binding provision where either party in a contract agrees to voluntarily forfeit a claim without the other party being liable."

But any of these words an connotations really do match...
... and then, finally, you stumble over a game called "The Wafer":
"The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Item guide - The Wafer":

In consequence of this kind of internet "research", a simple dream turns into a game-play about live, death and afterbirth...


Thank you all for your input to these lines. Most welcome the recall of the publication by J. W. Dunne: An Experiment with Time. A. & C. Black London 1927

Here you can consult the second edition published in 1929, presented online at or as a PDF:

An Experiment with Time

His dictum on page 156 he even claims:

It is difficult to see how such a serial observer can exist anywhere in the three dimensions of Space alone, but the analysis in our last chapter has shown that he can—and does—exist very nicely in the multitudinous dimensions of Time.




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