DCS & NAB Show 2020 Interviews

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In der Vorbereitung der Show, die nun nicht stattgefunden haben wird [1], wurden u.a. diese KollegInnen-Porträts aufgenommen, geschnitten und werden auch hier - in alphabetischer Reihenfolge - präsentiert. Jedes dieser Porträts immer auf dem Hintergrund eines Musikteppichs. Der (nach der persönlichen Einschätzung - WS.) eigentlich nur in einem der Interviews wirklich passend ausgesucht und stimmig zur Person unterschnitten wurde: in dem Porträt von "KII".

Interview with Michael Cioni, Global SVP of Innovations at Frame.io:

Was in diesen Interviews immer wieder vorkommen wird: Der Bezug auf ein grosses Vorbild, auf einen inspirierenden Lehrer, eine Idee, die einen nicht mehr losgelassen hat. In diesem Interview ist diese Person Jack Cardiff, die schon da war, als der Tonfilm "erfunden" wurde und dann die Farbe ins Bild kam: "keep your mind open to these new technologies!. Sein Motto: "being comfortable with beeing uncomfortable". - Michael wird weiter unten in der Reihe der DCS-Interviews nochmals zu sehen und zu hören sein.

Interview with Kari Grubin, Senior Media and Technology Executive

Viele Veränderungen mit Immersion, HDR, neuen Inhalten und Formaten, ... es wird immer noch mehr und neue Tools geben, aber es wird weiterhin Disziplin geben müssen. Und einen endgültigen Abschied von der Vorherrschaft eines Geschlechts und/oder einer Hautfarbe.

Interview with Camera Operator, Craig Haagensen, SOC

"Never turn a money-offer down..." "find the meaning in a screenplay.." [...]

Interview with Camera Operator, Kristen “KII” Correll

Diese Frau ist Bombe! Einfach nur zuhören. Bis zum Schluss, wenn sie ihre Empfehlung für die Youngster abgibt: "Work hard. Be nice. And make new friends..."

Interview with Dan Mindel, ASC, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Cinematographer

Sein Vorbild: Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Hat als Reinigungskraft in einem Filmstudio angefangen. "... these are my life. And I’m living it!"

Bereits am Mittwoch, den 11. April 2020, traf diese Nachricht ein:

NAB 2020 is Cancelled — And How DCS Will Respond

We are of course, disappointed, but in complete understanding and agreement with the decisions that have been made to protect the health and safety of our industry and the public at large. The first of our supporters to announce they would not be exhibiting at NAB was AJA, but we also soon heard from Adobe, Avid, and Rosco, with many other companies privately sharing their trepidation, so we were not surprised to find out today that NAB 2020 has officially been cancelled due to the risk of further spreading the Coronavirus.

Now the question is, how do we respond? We close each of our eNewsletters with a quote from Charles Darwin:

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

It is now time for DCS to put those words into action. As our effort to keep the motion picture industry current on technology enters its 18th year, we have continually sought out new ways to disseminate this information. Our original documentary, produced in 2002, was distributed on DVD, but the rapid pace of technological change necessitated that we soon migrate our content to the web. Coverage of our own events, along with our famous DCS streaming interviews from the NAB show floor, became a great way to help keep everyone informed and up-to-date... [2]

Hier eine Übersicht über die DCS 2020 Cinema Technology Spotlight Interviews, die von James Mathers, Co-Founder und Präsident der Digital Cinema Society. auf der Spotlight online gallery eingesehen oder hier in der namentlichen Folge der Firmen aufgerufen werden können:

Karl Soule - Abobe Premiere Pro
James Mathers talks with Karl Soule of Adobe about new features included in Premier Pro including one called Productions.

Joachim “JZ” Zell - ACES
James Mathers meets with Joachim “JZ” Zell who recounts the behind the scenes efforts of a zany production he produced right at the HPA Tech Retreat bringing together a notable crew and many different service provides as a test case for cloud enabled collaboration taking advantage of the ACES workflow.

Bryce Button - AJA
James Mathers talks with AJA’s Bryce Button about how they are meeting the demand with new products for web-based productions and HDR.

Florian Bloch - ARRI Lighting
James Mathers interviews Florian Bloch, the Head of Product Management for ARRI Lighting, about a major update to their Stellar lighting control app and the relatively new Orbiter.

Curt Schaller - ARRI Camera Stabilization Systems
James Mathers meets with Product Manager Curt Schaller of ARRI CSS, (Camera Stabilization Systems,) to find out about their latest innovations as used on the feature films, Ford vs. Ferrari and 1917.

Art Adams - ARRI Lenses
James Mathers discusses how various high end cinema lenses achieve their distinct character with ARRI Lens expert Art Adams, as well as some new features ARRI is adding to their Signature lenses to help Cinematographers create unique looks.

Michael Krulik - Avid Technologies
James Mathers gets an update on the latest features of Media Composer from Avid’s Michael Krulik including several utilities that aid in remote collaborations and ACES workflows.

Randy Wedick - Band Pro/Angénieux
James Mathers meets with Band Pro’s Randy Wedick to find out about the new Optimo Primes from Angénieux with the unique ability to change the look via user-swappable features such as the replaceable iris blade unit, internal glass optical element and rear filter.

Toby Sali - BB&S Lighting
James Mathers meets with BB&S Lighting’s Toby Sali to get an update on their new products including the Area 48 Color, the Compact Beam Light, the CRLS Reflector System, and the Pipeline Reporter Kit which is designed to light for web cameras.

Bob Caniglia - Blackmagic Design
James Mathers gets an update on Blackmagic Design products including updates to Resolve, Fusion, the HyperDeck recorders, and ATEM Mini Switchers to work with h.264 and h.265 for better web utility. Updates were also announced to Blackmagic RAW, giving it the ability to work with other manufacturers’ products, along with a price drop on the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K.

John Tindall - Brokeh
James Mathers interviews filmmaker and inventor, John Tindall about his new lighting color modifying system known as Brokeh.

Larry Thorpe - Canon 25-250mm Cine-Servo Zoom
James Mathers interviews Canon’s
Larry Thorpe about a new light weight 25-250mm Cine-Servo Zoom lens with a built-in 2x extender.

Tim Smith - Canon C300 Mark III
James Mathers interviews Canon’s Tim Smith about their new Canon C300 Mark III with 16 stops of DR, internal RAW recording, 4K 120p Frame Rate, internal stabilization, and Dual Pixel Autofocus.

Ernie Sanchez - Cinnafilm and PixelStrings
James Mathers interviews Ernie Sanchez about both Cinnafilm and their new service PixelStrings.

Les Zellan - Cooke Optics
James Mathers visits with Cooke Optics CEO Les Zellan who discusses the state of the Lens business as well as several new products including new Full Frame Spherical and Anamorphics, plus Full Frame Macro lenses in various focal lengths.

Zack Shannon - Core SWX
James Mathers interviews Zack Shannon of power products company Core SWX about several new battery and charger products.

Greg Smokler - Creative Services - Teradek - SmallHD
James Mathers talks with Greg Smokler of Creative Solutions about production and post remote workflows and HDR enabled by Teradek and SmallHD.

Geoff Boyle - CML
James Mathers interviews Cinematographer and Founder of CML Geoff Boyle, NSC about an extensive series of tests he recently conducted covering spectrum issues with LED lighting.

Ramy Katrib - DigitalFilm Tree
James Mathers interviews DigitalFilm Tree’s Ramy Katrib about the company’s pioneering effort in Cloud Workflows.

Dedo Weigert - Dedolight
James Mathers talks with noted inventor and Cinematographer Dedo Weigert. He shares a prerecorded presentation about the Dedolight Lightstream reflector system and parallel beam lighting.

Jim Uphoff - ETC fos/4
James Mathers interviews ETC’s Jim Uphoff about their new line of LED fixtures known as fos/4 lights.

Jeff Lee - Fiilex
James Mathers gets an in-depth look at the Fiilex Q5 LED Color Fresnel from Jeff Lee, the Head of Product Development at LED lighting manufacturer Fiilex.

Joanna Or - Tony Ngo - Mazi Mitchell — FilmGear
James Mathers talks with Joanna Or, Tony Ngo, and Gaffer Mazi Mitchell about the latest products from FILMGEAR.

Bryan Covarrubias - FJ Westcott
James Mathers interviews Bryan Covarrubias about the latest lighting products from FJ Westcott including the FlexCine RGBW with wireless DMX, a 1’x1’ Bi-color panel and the Ice Light.

Jose Noriega - Fluotec
James Mathers talks with Fluotec’s Jose Noriega about their latest lighting products including the new 4’ x 4’ CineQuad.

Michael Cioni - Frame.io
James Mathers interviews Michael Cioni, SVP of Innovation for Frame.io about the growing trend toward cloud workflows.

Michael Bulbenko - Fujifilm Electronic Imaging
James Mathers interviews Michael Bulbenko of Fujifilm Electronic Imaging who gives details on the new X-T4 mirrorless camera and compares it to their GFX-T3.

Tom Fletcher - Fujinon Premista
Tom Fletcher of Fujifilm Optical Division shares a presentation with James Mathers on their new Premista line of zoom lenses that cover full frame digital cinema sensors.

Brad Dickson - HS Scope
James Mathers interviews Lighting Designer Brad Dickson about the HS Scope, a new system he is using to measure LED lighting spectral response.

Karl Winkler - Lectrosonics
James Mathers talks with Lectrosonics’ VP of Sales and Marketing Karl Winkler. He gives some background on the company and highlights their latest products including a new line of miniature IFB transmitters and receivers know as the IFB-R1B. He also discusses the challenges of sharing the limited radio spectrum.

Alan Ipakchian and Tim Duff - Litepanels/Lighticians
James Mathers interviews Litepanels’ Alan Ipakchian and Lighticians’ Tim Duff on how their two companies are working together to bring sophisticated wireless control to the Litepanels fixtures with the Apollo system.

Scott Gant - Litra
James Mathers talks with Scott Gant, the President and Co-founder of Litra about their latest lighting products.

Barry Garcia - Nanlite
James Mathers interviews Nanlite’s Barry Garcia about the company’s broad range of affordable lighting products.

Brian Eustace - Mole-Richardson
James Mathers discusses the latest products from Mole-Richardson including the new VariSpace-2 Space Light with Senior VP of Engineering, Brian Eustace.

Larry O’Connor - OWC
James Mathers interviews OWC Founder Larry O’Connor about their latest hardware and software storage and data protection technology.

Steve Cooperman - Panasonic
James Mathers shares his love of the VariCam and finds out what’s new from Panasonic from Senior Product Manager, Steve Cooperman.

Matt Frazer - Panasonic Lumix
James Mathers interviews Matt Frazer of the Panasonic Lumix camera division about an exciting firmware upgrade for the S1H including 5.9K ProRes RAW to the Atamos recorder.

Aaron Kroger and Katie Fellion - Panavision
James Mathers interviews Panavision’s Director of Product Strategy Aaron Kroger and Katie Fellion, the Head of Business Development for the Light Iron division of Panavision, about how the two sister companies work together to offer an end-to-end HDR pipeline.

Gerhard Baier - P+S Technik
James Mathers interviews Gerhard Baier of P+S Technik from their factory in Munich about several new products including a line of anamorphic lenses and a Director’s Finder for large format.

Sam Fares - Sony Venice & FX9 Firmware Update
James Mathers meets with Sony’s Sam Fares for a very deep dive into major new firmware updates for both the Venice and FX9 Cinema cameras. He also tells us about the facility he manages known as the DMPC.

Steven Strong - Timothy Kang - Ben Dynice — Quasar Science
James Mathers talks with Steven Strong, Timothy Kang, and Ben Dynice of Quasar Science about their company’s philosophy and technology.

Nicolas Goerg - Rosco/DMG Lumiére
James Mathers interviews Nicolas Goerg, the Product Manager from Rosco/DMG Lumiére about the company philosophy about color and the new MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook.

Pamela Bloom - Rotolight
James Mathers interviews Pamela Bloom about the latest lighting from Rotolight including the new Titan X2, a 1’x 2’ LED Softlight.

Brian Linhoff - Sigma
James Mathers interviews Sigma’s Senior Cine Product Specialist, Brian Linhoff about their line of cinema primes that now have Cooke /i technology and their new small form factor, but large format stills camera, the Sigma FP.

Garrett Brown - Steadicam
James Mathers interviews legendary inventor of the Steadicam, Garrett Brown about the development and latest features of this important cinematic tool.

Takuma Sudo - SWIT
James Mathers talks with Tukuma Sudo about SWIT and their wide array of products from batteries to LED lights and wireless lens control.

Michel Suissa - The Studio-B&H
James Mathers interviews Michel Suissa of The Studio-B&H about the technology landscape and how they are adapting in the age of the pandemic.

Snehal Patel - Zeiss
James Mathers talks with Snehal Patel of Zeiss about their new line of Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses.


[1Siehe den Beitrag vom 17. April 2020: No NAB Show 2020


... As the years have gone by, we have increased our coverage of other events such as Cine Gear Expo, IBC, the annual SMPTE conference, the HPA Tech Retreat, and SIGGRAPH, but NAB has continued to be a major focus of our streaming coverage. Now that NAB 2020 is officially cancelled, it is time to consider the alternatives. We want to assure both our members and supporters that we are now dedicating ourselves to finding new ways to keep the industry informed. We are in the process of securing venues for manufacturers to make their presentations, whether with or without an audience, recorded and/or livestreamed. In any case, you can expect to see a lot of online content continuing to flow from DCS.

The focus of our NAB coverage has always been to show the latest gear and technology to those that can’t physically attend. Since no one will be attending in person this year, our potential audience will in fact be much larger. You can count on the Digital Cinema Society to continue being your trusted source of unbiased information and analysis on motion picture technology. Stay tuned...

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