Preview: The Exams: HM047 MCI Idea Development & "Dinking" (V)

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HM047 MCI Idea Development & "Dinking" (V); The Exams

Even on the first online meeting it was agreed upon the participants that they would like to elaborate on topics of their personal interest.

Instead of answering four or five exam-questions all the students have discovered their interest in presenting answers to a personal topic of interest as a kind of state-of-the-art evaluation: including what they have found so far, but may be including questions that have become even more important / evident than before.

This list will be started on April 18th and continued up to this last day of the exams

In order to respect the privacy well will just mention the first name and their topic.

Aarti: Design Thinking in Industries for Recruitment or Hiring Processes

Enoch: Design Thinking and "start-ups" and ...

Irene: ________________________________

M. Margarita: Design Thinking: How to develop an own entrepreneurship - idea

Nasir: Design Thinking in Theatre and Drama

To succeed with the exam a written contribution has to be delivered as well. It should follow the outlines of an academic statement [1] but could be presented in a manner that is coherent with / adopted to the subject presented. Even a making-of-report or a video including some interviews may be part of this document.

Based on the obligations of the Examination Management [2] we will adopt these rules to this kind of two-fold-procedure: The today’s online presentation of the topic of interest and a written (media-) document as mentioned above to be delivered on June 8th. the latest.


To empower your presentation - offline and online - here are some quotes from these professionals:

In a room with an audience:

- Conor Neill:
— Starting a speech:

There is a grown-up-way to start with "Once upon a time...": To talk about the quality of life

- Simon Sinek:
— "You stand up to give"!

- Isaac Serwanga

Practice is the key, if you have a chance to speak in front of 10 people, try to practice 10 times with your friends, if you get 100 audiences, practice 100 times on a presentation will surprise you how good you will be in the end.

— about Authenticity:

— about Audacity:

Sorry folks, all these speakers are all male. Here is at least one women

- Rachel Willis
— Presenting & Public Speaking Tips - How to improve skills & confidence:

Here are some snippets and tutorials to empower your
online presentations in general

- Tips and Best Practices for Presenting Online
(this is more than 10 years old... and still valid ;-)

- 5 tips for presenting online

- 11 Secrets To Great Interactive Online Presentations In Companies And Universities
(if Forbes is promising to reveal "secrets", be assured this knowledge was published and dismantled before ;-)

- from:

(really helpful tutorial with lots of examples...)

And here are some snippets and tutorials to empower your
online presentations with WebEx:

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