Cinematographer & DCS Founder James Mathers talking to HPA’s Mark Chilois

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Discovered today: published since August 24, 2020:

HPA’s Mark Chilois Interviews Cinematographer and DCS Founder James Mathers [1]

Have a look at this interview by Mark Chilois and my pal Jim Mathers:

NET Critical Conversations. Getting Ahead and Giving Back: James Mathers and The Digital Cinema Society

Finally: he’s giving one of these interviews he’s refused to deliver for so long time.

Here is an audio-excerpt about the DCS-Story [2]:

Even his ’dream’ to become a journalist has become true since he started writing for DCS [3].

And now: he’s quoted in Germany’s earliest ISSN-branded Online-’paper’.




[2... proud being part of since the early days:

[3Do have a look at his splendid essay upon: "Virtual Production - A Pandemic Fueled Catapult Into The Future":

There is a tectonic shift taking place in the process of making motion pictures, perhaps as significant as the introduction of sound, color, or the transition from celluloid to digital capture.