A "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Graffiti Photo Greeting

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Sonntag Letzte Bearbeitung: 11. Januar 2021 um 12 Uhr 54 Minuten


This is a smartphone snapshot of a newly born graffiti on the wall of a Berlin playground in "Schoeneberg" [1] :


... recalling the interest of עליזה אולמרט (Aliza Olmert) ...

© Bernhard Ludewig

... in this kind of street-art.

We have met the first time in Berlin on the invitation of the former Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier ...

© Bernhard Ludewig

... on the premises of the International Club in Berlin.

Here are two more photos dedicated to her, shot in Tel Aviv in Mai 2009 [2]:

We have met again in her home in Israel the year after [3].

On this occasion of this encounter this book was presented:


"A documentary of the graffiti that was destroyed with the Berlin wall."