No Shwo: Shifting Workflows to the Cloud

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Join IBC365 on the 21st of July at 2 pm BST for this webinar, examining all aspects of moving a broadcast operation to the cloud, providing insight for anyone considering moving some or all of their content processing away from an on-premise solution.

A flexible supply chain is essential for broadcasters and content owners of all sizes, from long-established, international broadcasters with multiple sites to new entrants to the world of media, all are faced with the challenge of delivering more for less.

Regardless of size, the benefits to end users of using cloud-based tools range from harmonising multi-vendor solutions into one customisable platform, flexible, pay-as-you-go style billing, agility and the ability to rapidly launch new services and content and scalability to support growing businesses.

But while on premise systems may limit capacity and flexibility, to what extent are cloud-based offerings able to provide the same resiliency and security?

Through the insight of broadcasters and content owners who are tasked with managing workflows and implementing content processing systems, this webinar will consider the aspects of a media supply chain that can be delivered in the cloud, including ingest and the receipt of content, metadata enrichment, quality assurance, transcoding and delivery, including packaging for TX and online distribution.

It will also explore the operational implications and examine the business case, providing insight into understanding cost and value compared to on-premise solutions.


 Keran Boyd, Content Producer, IBC365 & IBC Show [1]


 Simon Crownshaw, Media and Entertainment CTO, Microsoft [2]

 Aditya Jha, Head of Client Solutions, Prime Focus Technologies [3]

 Carlos Octávio, Head of Technology Architecture and Analytics, Globo [4]

 Raymond Thompson, Senior Director Partner and Industry Marketing, Avid Technology [5]

Sponsored by:

 Microsoft [6]
 Prime Focus Technologies [7]



Keran (she/her) is an experienced content producer and manager in digital media, broadcast, and global affairs. She produces content for IBC365 and the IBC conference. She also produces and co-hosts the Be Loud: Climate podcast which is a climate literacy podcast making the climate conversation accessible to everyone.


16 years of industry experience
 Production cloud strategies at studios and broadcast partners
 Distribution and analytics
 Advanced innovation solutions including StageCraft development
 Data and AI to drive content creation
 Critical production and business application development to drive workflows via SI partnerships


Aditya Jha heads the global client solutions function at Prime Focus Technologies. He is responsible for pre-sales and solutions for PFT’s portfolio of cloud technology products, including CLEAR Media ERP, CLEAR Vision Cloud (AI Platform) and technology-led media services. His core responsibilities include global bid management, client solutions and business development.

In his career spanning 15 years, he has previously worked with leading technology SI companies, including Wipro and HCL. He was responsible for taking integrated solutions to market and help media enterprises achieve strategic business outcomes across broadcast, publishing, and advertising. He holds a master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.


Carlos Octávio is the Head of Technology Architecture and Analytics at Globo. He is responsible for Analytics technology initiatives, including Advanced Analytics, Data Strategy and Data Governance to facilitate a data driven journey at Globo. He is also responsible for the Enterprise Architecture area. An Executive with strong (>20 yrs) experience in the Media and Entertainment industry. Solid experience in Information Technology, acquired in large size companies in executive positions. Carlos has a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and a MBA in Enterprise Management.


Raymond has 25 years of Business Development, Sales, and Product Management/Marketing experience focused on Sports, Media (broadcast and film), and e-Sports. He was involved in the development of IP live streaming platform strategy for sending SD, HD, and 4K video over a standard IP connection from anywhere to anywhere at broadcast quality and at low latency to mobile, web. Raymond was the driver in the transformation of start-up software company from video editing focus for sports to content licensing and management/distribution of college sports assets via the web to college sports fans. He executed release of high-performance graphics chip, landing large-scale bid as primary provider of Graphics Processor for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. He penetrated media/entertainment space for Fortune 500 technology company, developing ISV echo-system creating solutions based approach to selling.

Raymond had a vital leadership role in full-phase startup of pioneering software company reaching $26M in annual revenue, playing leadership role in positioning and sale of company. He was the co-author of patent for assigning game data to universal time clock on traditional and IP based streams for the purposes of automated creation of highlights across user specified sample of games (video), creation of edits for purpose of recruiting and scouting, and for reporting based on game statistics with drill down to video capability. He was part of the development of 3D real time motion capture application able to measure athletes down to the sub-micron level, leveraging game relationship with EA sports to develop simple UI and incorporating real NFL and College playbooks and behavior into Madden game engine for the purposes of high school, College, and Pro athlete development, pre-hab and rehab.


“To empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”


“Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is the creator of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, CLEAR™ for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry.”

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