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The Great Undoing... of job positions, careers, and life.

We are in the midst of undoing the mistakes of the corporation as we move into a renewed focus on the HUMAN part of human capital.

Some say we have progressed 10 years in the last one since the pandemic, others say we have advanced 25 years in the last two. Whatever it is, we can feel that things are different. We are beginning to act like things are different. We are not only stepping into the possibility of what our lives can be, we are standing up for it.

In this webinar we will discuss

What are the conditions establishing this undoing. —> What is an "undoing" and why is it happening today?

How to understand and frame the undoing for your personal life —> How anxiety, dread and pain signal that undoing is underway?

Our 11 step road map to undoing what is, and creating your epic life —> What are the proven 10+ steps for the transformation of your personal undoing into an Epic Life and Dream Job?

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If you are…

Never going to work in Maggie’s cubicle farm again…
Fed up with the way you have been pigeon holed in your career...
Ready to commit yourself to creating a better life for yourself and your family…

Then you should join this Waymaker Webinar and learn how to make the changes necessary to live your epic life and give your unique gift to the world.


Join us in the next Waymaker Webinar on Wednesday 28 July 2021 at 10 AM PDT (GMT -7 Pacific) / 17:00 GMT

Join a small group of executives and professionals led by two international experts as they outline a course of action for your post-covid career path.

Join us to make an action plan for what’s next in your career and gain a more equitable share of the value that you create.

Waymaker Whiteboard Facilitators

Michael Moon owns GISTICS Inc., a Silicon Valley-based innovation think tank that he has run since 1987. Over the course of his career, Michael has contributed to $7.5B of positive economic impact, including direct contribution to $2B in technology provider revenues.

His recent engagements include that of a fractional CMO of two SaaS startups, mentor to 25 startups, and public speaker.

He has authored 30-plus white papers and an international best selling book, Firebrands: Building Brands in the Internet Age.

Chris Heuer is a Creative Catalyst and global thought leader who applies ecosystem strategies for the mutual benefit of individuals, organizations and other stakeholders.

As a lead mentor in Google’s Launchpad Accelerator, Chris has advised more than 50 startups based in the South America, Australia, Asia, India, and Europe.

Over his high-tech career, he has worked as management consultant at a Big 4 Consultancy, serial entrepreneur, executive coach, business strategist, community organizer, product technologist, and industry partnerships lead.

His career included founding an interactive marketing agency in 1994 and subsequently several dotcom startups. In addition to launching an e-commerce platform for a US Government agency, he went on to build a non-profit community brand that reached 350 cities globally.

More about Michael Moon in Berlin on Friday, September 19th, 2014
 Vanishing Values Versus Virtual Virtues

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