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These first notes in the framework of the #mthcon22 were written beforehand as a kind of preview to this conference:
 Onboarding Berlin, Germany: from Exile to Execution
 Geht es noch ... ohne Zukunft?

Now, after attending the first day,

- those are the quotes published by the organizer:

– ”I haven’t been to a more diverse conference yet – both looking at the speakers and at the audience.”
– ”...and when we saw Santi Siri opening, we knew it was serious.”
– “It’s the first conference in 2,5 years where I feel I can learn new things, where I want to expose myself to input.

 and here is a first day’s kaleidoscope of exclusive interviews with selected speakers, participants, programmers, and the organizer - plus two questions asked in a public Q’n A context on top.

Cathrine Bui
Founder & AI Ethics Specialist Bui Consulting [1]

As indicated in the talk, here is the Q’nA-excerpt from this session: AI-DRIVEN LANGUAGE IN NEW VIRTUAL WORLDS: ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? with Cathrine Bui, Phaedra Boinodiris, Beth Rudden:

Elle Langer
CEO & Founder pimento formate

As indicated in the talk, here is at least an excerpt from the Babelsberg Filmorchesters’ performance playing music by Gustav Holst

As the interview with Klaus-Peter Beyer did not work out, here you can hear him introducing the string section to the audience:

Susan Tackenberg
Independent Business Owner at Susan Tackenberg Media & Communications Consultant | Member of the mth-conference-team

Stefan Britton
Senior Director, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Shutterstock

Peter Effenberg
Owner and CEO bei transfermedia production services


Here is a "100 $ question" about the past of Vivendi and the future of Roku for Evan Shapiro, Media Cartographer, Change Agent ESHAP, New York, at the end of his presentation: The Future of Streaming, Now.:



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