CES 2024 (Media Days)

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If you have not attended CES Unveiled Amsterdam, October 12. 2023 nor CES Tech Trends in Paris, September 20, 2023 this is the moment to check in in Vegas.

CES Press Release CTA Announces Official Media Days Schedule for CES 2024
Arlington, VA — Nov 30, 2023

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® announced the official lineup for CES® 2024 Media Days, an exclusive, media-only event that takes place in Las Vegas before CES opens to the tech industry. Kicking off major tech announcements, Media Days gives registered media access to news-breaking press conferences and CES Unveiled Las Vegas, a first-hand preview of the products launching at CES 2024. 

Open exclusively to registered CES media, industry analysts and content creators, Media Days will take place Sunday, Jan. 7 and Monday, Jan. 8 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. For those who cannot travel to Las Vegas, select content will be available to view on CES.tech. 

This year’s Media Days schedule consists of top exhibitors breaking news and offering exclusive looks at what they plan to showcase at CES 2024, joined by three first-time Media Days exhibitors. The 2024 Media Days exhibitor line-up includes:






LG Electronics






Media will gain exclusive insight on the latest tech research and trends to watch during CES 2024 at CTA’s anticipated annual presentation – Tech Trends to Watch. This media-only event will take place on Jan. 7, 4-4:45 PM. Attendees will get early access to Unveiled Las Vegas, the official media event of CES. Beginning at 5 PM, media can meet with exhibitors and get a sneak peek at the groundbreaking innovations expected at CES 2024.

Following the ALL ON lineup of newsworthy press conferences, Siemens CEO Dr. Roland Busch will deliver the pre-show keynote at 6:30 PM on January 8 in the Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom. Visit the keynote schedule for additional keynote announcements.

Complimentary shuttle service for media will run from select official CES hotels to Mandalay Bay during both Media Days. Shuttles will also be available to take media from Mandalay Bay to the pre-show keynote. Lunch is available to registered CES media in the Mandalay Bay Media Room (Level 2, Breakers Ballroom) on Jan. 8.

All CES 2024 media room locations and hours are available online. CES 2024 exhibit halls will open at 10 AM on Jan. 9, 2024.

About CES:   
CES® is the most powerful tech event in the world – the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the world’s biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES features every aspect of the tech sector. CES 2024 will take place Jan. 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas. Learn more at CES.tech and follow CES on social.     

About Consumer Technology Association:   
As North America’s largest technology trade association, CTA® is the tech sector. Our members are the world’s leading innovators – from startups to global brands – helping support more than 18 million American jobs. CTA owns and produces CES® – the most influential tech event in the world. Find us at CTA.tech. Follow us @CTAtech. 

Press Contacts

Laura Ambrosio | Lauren Forrer


5G Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Audio Technologies
Car Audio
Cloud Computing/Data
Digital Currency/Cryptocurrency
Digital Health
Digital Imaging and 3D Printing
Entertainment and Content
Family and Lifestyle
Fitness and Wearables
Food Technology
Gaming and Esports
High-Tech Retailing/E-Commerce
Home Entertainment Hardware
Home Office Hardware and Accessories
Marketing and Advertising
Mobile Hardware and Accessories
Quantum Computing
Smart Cities and Resilience
Smart Home and Appliances
Sourcing and Manufacturing
Space Technology
Sports Technology
Travel and Tourism
Vehicle Tech
Video Technologies
Wellness Technologies

CES Will Be Livestreamed

Whether you’re planning to attend CES in Las Vegas or planning to participate remotely, our livestream coverage will keep you up to date on all of the major conversations happening during the show. Sign up to receive important notifications for when our content will be live – from CES keynotes, Great Minds sessions, C Space, Research Summit and Policy Summit. All of this content will be livestreamed during the show, with on demand access available same-day.

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CES 2024 Trends to Watch, presented by CTA

Die Themen präsentiert von Brian & [1] : Generation Z | AI - Eco System, Cloud, Security | Consumers AND Enterprise Technology | Sustainability | Platforms, Digital Twins, Robots | Role of Federal Government | Diversity, Disability inclusions, Women in tech | Digital (women’s) Health: Personalisation, Accessibility, Intelligence | (the largest) Mobility (show) | Safety | "EV"= electric vehicle / "emotional value" | Video & TV | Screen technology Smart Home & e-Commerce & interactive content | Streaming | Audio | Gaming | 32% Software spendings 45% on Mobile | Human security via technology | " an unique sense of wonder... " |

How AI-Powered Strategies can Transform the Mobility Experience, presented by EY

Investments | in cars, for the journey, proactive mobility | avoiding the pitfalls | 80% of the queries are answered by machines | data integrity | connecting the dots | AI does not solve the problems of digitization | charging stations density | predictive maintenance | we collect a lot of data but we do not know what to do with it | active help monitoring | hyper-personalisation | the car as a home-extension... / as a mobile office | what are those value propositions the customer is finally paying for? | no more silo-organisations | direct sales models | hybrid cooperation models | prerequisites: Gen-AI, right data, mindset-shift |

The Forces Reshaping Health, presented by Deloitte

The role of the consumer is changing massively | you will be the CEO of your own data | yoü will use new tools | we have enough data, do they provide value to the consumer? | the fear of misusing data | transparency to the customer | consumers are pushing and demanding ...| Large Language Models are now capable to deliver analysis | personalisation is key | the pandemic was a massive shift | the future: data-operability, incentives, tracking | assurance - coverage and hidden costs? | trust: matters

The Future of Team Leadership

Dieses Panel hat zwei Besonderheiten: Alle Teilnhmerinnen sind weiblich und sie alle haben führende Funktionen in den grossen Sport-Organisationen für football oder baseball. Daher ist nichts besser, als sie alle im O-Ton selbst zu Wort kommen zu lassen.

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Navigating Today’s Consumer Technology Market, presented by Circana

Shift in consumer spendings: more on food, less on technology, only 14 categories went up. pockets of groth: VR-headsets i.e. digital still cameras, ... | detailed results of the holiday season’s spendings | detailed analysis of the concumer categories | much more groth in Mexico than in the US / Canadian Markets | less growth in the costal regions | New tech Items sales fall down form 17,8% to 13,6% | Innovation is in the backseat in comparison with value | 60% of technology sold via e-commerce | 41% from a third party market place | announcement of the first driver of growth in the second half of 2024, for PC’s i.e., looking for affordable premium | "it’s all about timing" |

CMO Insights: AI Driving Digital Transformation in Marketing

Amplifying Marketing with AI: Social first approach | Scraping conversations with AI | Dara can be made tangible via AI | Better moderating the right communities with the right tools | Data explosion can be made profitable to approach the right audiences | "AI is a huge deal" | Co-piloted Programming, Firefly, Writer | Making campaigns effective for the interest of the clients | Pushing the creative | AI does not replace jobs, it replaces tasks | marketing is a team-sport, now AI is everyone’s job | "lots of lawyers in our steering committee" | "we are kind of in the beginning in this journey" |... to personalise practice and content | techno: scaling , consumer: it has to be responsive and useful, anticipating your behaviours | "the best help ever created" | atomizing campaigns | from advertising to doing | and again: personalisation! |




















[1Sorry, es gab keine ’Bauchbinden bei der Vorstellung

[2Sorry, Folks, alle hier vorgenomenen Einträge wurden zunächst versehentlich glöscht, die Vorab-Kurzfassung lautet:
Die Ärzte werden nach und nach ihre Sprechstunden-Haupt-Rolle in der Gesundheitsversorgung an die Dataprovider abgeben, wenn es diesen gelingt, im Intersse der Kunden - nicht länger nur Patienten - ein kontinuierliches Monitorings ihres Gesundheitszustandes herzustellen. Und das Vetrauen, das ihnen schon jetzt entgegengebracht wird, zu rechtfertigen. Was heute fehlt, das sind nicht mehr die Daten, sondern das ist ein neues Regelwerk, wie mit diesen zu verfahren ist. Der Trend, dass die Patienten diese neue Digitl-Health-Chance wahrnehmen, nimmt immer mehr zu, sie bezahlen eher dafür, schneller einen Termin zu bekommen oder sich vom Arzt angenommen zu fühlen.
Interessant ist die Antwort auf die "Beyond-Digital"-Frage, wohin die ganze Entwicklung führen wird: Ins Biologische Zeitalter!

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