NAB-Show 2024 by DCS’ Jim Mathers

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James Mathers welcomes you to Digital Cinema Society Streaming Coverage of NAB 2024, where you’ll see the latest in motion picture technology. For the third year in a row we are shooting our interviews employing Camera-2-Cloud via and Teradek technology. See the descriptions with separate links below, or view the entire collection of interviews here, (and check back often throughout the show for the latest coverage):


AbelCine’s Jeff Lee shows James Mathers their new camera solutions, plus introduces him to their partnership with Canon and LiveControl called Livestream Complete, a new subscription program designed to streamline the landscape of video production and democratize access to professional-grade live event production for diverse markets such as houses of worship, education, the corporate sector, government, and more.

James Mathers talks with Adobe’s Francis Crossman about the newest updates to Premiere Pro, including their AI powered enhancements which help take the drudgery out of the editing process, while still leaving the Editor in complete control.

James Mathers talks with Adobe’s JJ Powell about their newest release, version 4, and the many updates they’ve made to Camera-to-Cloud through their integrations with partners Panasonic Lumix, Fujifilm, RED, Teradek, and more.

James Mathers talks with Adobe’s Jason Druss about their new AI integrations for Premiere Pro, including their own Firefly and third party AI platforms.

James Mathers talks with AJA’s Abe Abt, son of AJA founder John Abt, about the cool new features in ColorBox, their exciting partnership with Pomfort Livegrade Studio, and the dual certification of both products by the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) as industry standard.

James Mathers talks with Anton/Bauer’s Paul Dudeck about their new sodium nickel battery, the SALT-E DOG, winner of the 2024 NAB Sustainable Products Award.

James Mathers interviews Atlas Lens’ Chief Optical Engineer, Scott Dewald, about their Atlas Orion series of lenses and their new Mercury series of anamorphic lenses.

James Mathers interviews Avid’s Michael Krulik about the company’s new ownership, their new CEO, Wellford Dillard, and all the exciting innovations coming out in Media Composer.

James Mathers talks with Blackmagic Design’s Bob Caniglia [1] about DaVinci Resolve 19 (currently available in Beta for download), their new 2110 IP Collection of products, and their new line of micro panels.

Canon Senior Technical Specialist and accomplished Director of Photography, Matt Irving, tells James Mathers all about their FLEX Series of Cinema Zoom Lenses and gives us a look at the Canon Flex Zoom 31.5-95mm T1.7 Super35 Cinema EOS Lens, the zoom that’s been heralded as “the fastest cinema zoom in the history of cinema zooms.”

James Mathers interviews Canon’s Paul McAniff about their new hand holdable broadcast lens, the Canon 4K 27X 7.3.

James Mathers talks with Cinnafilm’s Ernie Sanchez about PixelStrings, their pay-as-you-go, Op-Ex SaaS (Software as a Service) media transformation platform that enables you to ensure that all your target deliverables meet industry standards.

CORE SWX’s Joe DeJulius shows James Mathers all their newest products, including their brand new, lightweight, stackable Edge Snap PD Pro auxiliary power port, their incredibly versatile quick release mount plate, and their newest batteries – the NanoX and the Hypercore G3.

James Mathers speaks with Cooke Optics’ Chris D’Anna about their new series of lenses for mirrorless cameras, the SP3, and with Jordan Thistlewood, who introduces us to their new division, Cooke Digital.

James Mathers interviews Fiilex’s Brent Siebenaler about their Q line of fresnels, with the latest being the Q6 – – a major update to the Q5, their leko line of fresnels, the 6 Series, and their Quad and Matrix color series complete with pixel mapping technology.

James Mathers speaks with Fujifilm’s Michael Bulbenko about what’s new in their electronic imaging department, including their highly sought after digital pocket camera, the X100VI, which shoots 6K, and their new mirrorless camera, the GF100II, which boasts a huge 33x44mm sensor.

Fujifilm Optical Division’s Stosh Durbacz shows James Mathers the two newest lenses in the Duvo series: the Fujinon Duvo 24-300mm portable zoom, and, with an assist on Steadicam by Austin Rock, the not yet released, Fujinon Duvo wide angle 14-100mm portable zoom.

FUJIFILM ELECTRONIC IMAGING Mark LaFleur, founder of Old Fast Glass, shows James Mathers how he’s integrated the Fujifilm GFX100 II into a full-sized system, thus turning this mighty little camera with a great sensor, into a high-end cinema camera.

GODOX ambassador Jameson Brooks talks with James Mathers about their new products, including their MG2400 and MG2600 bi-color lights, their full range of modifiers, supported by their beefed-up G-mount, and their very impressive MAX90 beam light intensifier.

James Mathers interviews GODOX’s Kylie Wang about their exciting new image based lighting solution, the KNOWLED App, a professional tablet app that makes light mapping easy and affordable.

Litepanels’ Michael Herbert tells James Mathers all about the newest lights in their popular series of Astra bi-color LED panels – the Astra IP.

Module 8’s co-founder, Michael Turner, gives James Mathers a demonstration of their newest product, The Tuner – the world’s first variable cinematic lens that lets cinematographers get vintage film looks on modern digital cameras.

Nanlite’s Barry Garcia tells James Mathers all about their brand new line of lights – the ALIEN.

James Mathers interviews renowned Director of Photography, Rodney Charters, ASC, about his experiences using the Nanlite PavoSlim series.

James Mathers interviews Octamas Gear founder and inventor Alexander Christ about all their new camera accessories that are available from 16×9.

OTHER WORLD COMPUTING (OWC) founder and CEO, Larry O’Connor, chats with James Mathers about their long line of dependable drives and workflow solutions and introduces him to their newest offerings, the super fast Atlas Pro CFexpress memory cards and their new series of portable readers – the OWC Envoy, the Envoy Pro Electron, and the Envoy Pro Mini.

James Mathers interviews OTHER WORLD COMPUTING (OWC)’s Loren Mally about Jellyfish, their shared storage solution designed to streamline the workflow for video editing teams.

Panasonic Lumix’s Matt Frazer tells James Mathers about their new, free update to the S5II mirrorless camera, which in addition to lots of new features, includes an incorporation of’s Camera-to-Cloud suite of functions (available for download on April 21st at 6pm US time). Plus, we learn all about Lumix’s new recording format options.

James Mathers had the pleasure of speaking with Panavision Company, Light Iron’s Managing Director (and President of the HPA), Seth Hallen, and VP of Engineering & Technical Operations, Liam Ford, about their thoughts on AI in the industry and how Light Iron is exploring its integration into their future services.

James Mathers talks with Quasar Science’s Michael Herbert about their new Image-Based Lighting (IBL) Pixel Control System, which brings image based lighting to broadcast studio volume walls.

Rosco’s Emily Stadulis gives James Mathers an in-depth look at the latest addition to their DMG range of soft lights, the DMG LION.

SmallHD’s Wes Donahue gives James Mathers a good look at their exciting new product, the high-end, and affordable, Quantum 32 OLED HDR Reference Monitor, scheduled to be released in Summer 2024.

James Mathers talks with SmallHD’s Matt Eidenbock about what’s new in their monitor products, especially the update to their ULTRA 7 monitors, which now come equipped with fully integrated Bolt 6 TX or RX transmitters.

James Mathers congratulates his good friend, Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown on 50 years of incredible Steadicam technology, and dives deep into their latest development, the Steadicam Volt, which gives operators automatic horizontal stabilization and better control.

James Mathers talks with Teradek’s Colin McDonald about their new products, including the Bolt 6 with internal antennas, and their Camera-to-Cloud platform, which works not only with their own system, TeradekTV, but with other viewing systems as well. In fact, we’re using the Teradek Prism Mobile on Adobe to get our DCS NAB interviews up in record time.

James Mathers interviews Tiffen’s Gorky Bolanos about their new system to filter mobile devices, the Tiffen 58mm Smartphone Filter Mount.

Wooden Camera’s Brian Aichlmayr shows James Mathers their latest accessories for the Sony BURANO Camera, including their Ultra Arm, their Modular EVF System, their D-Box System, their Accessory Plate System, and their soon to be released Lens Light Rod, which makes lens control more viewable in low light conditions.


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[1Not found: James Mathers talks with Blackmagic Design’s Bob Caniglia about the latest updates to their URSA Cine 12K camera and their new PYXIS 6K Box camera. Plus, we get to see their future camera, the URSA Cine 17K.

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