Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (III)

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Day Three to Go.

On Day Two we compared the "Stanford-Way" of "DINKINIG" at the D-School, referring to these major steps of development:

— Empathise
— Define
— Ideate
— Prototype
— Test

with our own way of "defining" Design Thinking:

— "Problem"
— Incubation
— Core Idea
— Conception
— Defining Details / Features
— Prototyping
— Testing
— Evaluation
.... and again, we start with: "Problem" again

We managed to identify these specific initiators / triggers / Influencers:
— Inspiration
— Values
— Intuition
— Timing

The timeline:

- 19-02-23: For today the aim is to identify...

— subjects, themes, ideas to work with
— the students groups as well as individuals who will tackle these
— the framework for the upcoming sessions as indicated here:

- 19-03-01: Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (IV)
Testing and evaluating your proposals
(in group centric trials using the "Dinking" methodology

- 19-03-15: Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (V)
Online-Evaluation of HM020 by the students present;
Presenting your projects
(with ore without internal/external audience and judges?)

- 2019-03-15/18: These are the deadlines for the delivery:
— the presentation-software and -results have to be delivered offline on Friday, 15th
— the paper, script, thesis... may be ’refurbished’ during the week-end but has to be delivered by mail on Monday, 18th. the latest. Any further delay, by whatever reasons soever, will not be accepted.

- 19-03-16: Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (VI)
Evaluation of the presentations, and celebrating a common exercise (like preparing, presenting and sharing food )

This paper is a pretext to learn to deal with the tools helpful or even necessary for writing a master-thesis. But it has not to be a copycat for this presentation (it could be an abstract, a "making-of-paper", a commented illustration of the slides used, ...).

If the presentation / paper is conceived and disigned and written and presented by more than on person, evidence has to be declared and shown who did what.

Here, as a reminder, the

Guideline of Academic Work
Es gelten die Regeln des Urheberrechts all rights reserved

As as reminder here are some guidelines for the presentations, assembled on at the 2nd. session, February, 22nd. 2019 and agreed today:

— The presentation is the result of the design thinking process.

— The students present are a challenging- and dialogue-partner for each presenter during the process of development.

— The process of finding the theme and designing the framework is part of the work that may be presented.

— It is allowed to present a project / projects, an idea /ideas, even an intuition - not yet ready for print and execution, but ready for discussion - as long the application of the "Dinking" methodology will be obvious.

— It has to be comprehensive even for those, who are not specialists in the field.

— It is not necessary to present a traditional complete design-concept. It is allowed and even fostered to use the idea of "design" as part of complete rethinking concept.

— The tools of the presentation can vary from Power-Point/havard-graphics-follow-up-products/Keynote/Prezi up to making a Video. Everything is permitted to do the "thinking-out-of-the-box".

— You don’t fail because you present a process that failed. But do show us, how you managed this process and what kind of obstacles hampered you to be successful.

— The most difficult challenge of this project is the chance to create something you’ve really dreamed of.

Here is an evaluation scheme for collecting credit points:

Es gelten die Regeln des Urheberrechts all rights reserved

Some bbw-script-based sources and resources assembled:

- Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (I)
- Design Thinking & Idea Development (HM022) II
- Design Thinking & Idea Development (I)
- Design Thinking SS 2017 (3)
- Design Thinking & Idea Development (V)
- Design Thinking & Idea Development (III)
- Design Thinking & Idea Development (II)
- Ästhetik & Design Thinking (V)
- Ästhetik - Design - Denken (III)
- Ästhetik - Design - Denken (I)

Some conferences and encounters assembled:

Digitising Europe, Berlin, 19-02-19

- Berlin - Bundeskanzlerin - Digitalisierung

Digital Live Design, DLD, Munich, 19-02-19/20/21/22

- München: CSU und/oder DLD (I)
- DLD Munich (II)
- DLD Munich (III)
- DLD Munich (Museum Stage)

d.confestival, Potsdam, 17-09-14/15

- d.confestival_2
- d.confestival_1


Here is the latest presentation from PwC Senior Manager Andrea Pivetta;

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