HM042 MCI Idea Development & "Dinking" (III)

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Today we are going to take a further step. To find out, why "Design Thinking" is not just a tool for individual motivation for change and success, but to understand the difference it makes to run a whole company on the basis of these kinds of principles.

Here are three representatives of those companies, who spoke at the DLD-Conference in Munic on a late Sunday morning about the topic of Leading Change in a Digital Society,

introduced by Stephanie Czerny, Managing Director of DLD Media [...], and listen what they have to say:

And the Future for SME’s in Germany? Be ready to convert from globalization to localization. Transform from the Cloud to Edge-Data-Centers, from Capitalism to a Sharing Economy, [...]. Listen to Jeremy Rifkin.


If this kind of talks and topics tackles your interest, you may have a look a some more recordings of the conference. Here are the LINKs to the Bavaria-Stage-PROGRAM and to the Munich-Stage-PROGRAM, starting on Saturday the 18th. up to Monday the 20st. of January 2020.