Exams: HM042 Idea Development "Dinking"

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This page starts with a recap of the notice dated March 12th 2020: the first day when the access to the bbw-Hochschule premisis was no longer admitted...


Dear All,

it is only now that I’ve received a copy of the Chancellors’ note saying:

"Exams or tests from March 13th will not take place until further notice"

This is an order - no comments from my side at this moment.




... and it continues with a copy of a


 The exams were postponed to July 24th 2020.
 They have to be presented online on the bbw-WebEx-Channel [1].
 The meeting-link and password were sent by mail this day.
 A PDF-Copy of the presentation as well as the written part of the examination have to be uploaded to the Lernportal up to this day the latest.
 The evaluation of this course as well.

Thank you!

(And when we’ll have the chance to meet again in person, let’s have lunch together ;-)

And her are these two up-to-date infos: "To Whom It May Concern":

For those who understand some Geman: here is a Link to this years’ 17th HPI-D-School Bachelorpodium:
 https://www.tele-task.de/lecture/video/8266/#t=0 .

For those who want to join an international online-Konferenz entitled: "Responsible Innovation in Times of Uncertainty":
 http://www.daybyday.press/article7157.html .


Now we show the procedure of the exams as they have been executed today:

This is the valid access-link for today:

Meeting # 845 101 912

Finally we will proceed on the first-come-first-served-basis.

8:30 Virtual Breakfast

 Technical Rehearsal



"School of ReCreatives is a project in which the main goal is to teach subjects regarding the Creative Industries to people, capacitating them to act in this field. The goal is to make this a school free of charge for its students based on the fact that the Creative Industries grows more and more every day and yet is very expensive to study anything related to it, even though the field suffers from not having diversified professionals with deep understanding of the industry - that having the main reason of the high prices for formal education. Also the School would be primarily designed for low income people and LGBTQIA+ that would not have access to study Creative Economy otherwise.
Questions as place, format, conditions and applicability are dealt with using the steps of the Design Thinking process."


10:00 la solitude sans étudiant virtuel

Up to this moment no student was available online. The first presentation mentioned above was cancelled the day before and can be repeated at another moment.

When the first students showed up, the order of the upcoming presentations was agreed among then and/or determined by thechnical conditions.

As annotations, you may read some comments in German scribbled down during the presentations. These a personal notes and no reference to the final decision on the credits.

As mentioned before, the credits will be awarded in respect to these three elements: The presentation chards (documented on this page), the presentation (recorded on the WebEx-Server), and the scientific paper (uploaded with the presentation on the "Lernportal").


10:27 SHUGAR RUSH FESTVAL [3] (Daena K.) [4] [5]

Nowadays, the consumption of sugar is a widely discussed topic especially in Germany, the country with the second highest intake per person per day. Thereby, two extrema do exist: either the ones who follow a strict diet and do exclude manufactured sugar at all, or the consumers who eat too much sugar. Here, it is important to distinguish between natural sugar which occurs in plants and the industrial which is unhealthy for the human body. Hereby, the Sugar Rush Festival should create awareness for both target groups. Firstly, sugar is not overall bad especially when it is produced by plants. Moreover, if one follows a strict diet it is allowed and okay to lose yourself for two days and consume as much sugar as wanted. Thus, reward yourself!

On the other hand, this festival also creates awareness for the ones who consume manufactured sugar on a daily basis. Thereby, it is possible to track and to control the sugar rush as well as to point out the results for your body and overall health. Generally, the Sugar Rush Festival is a two days electronic music festival which also offers the possibility to camp near the location site. Further, alcohol and drugs are not allowed during the event since the festival aims to get one’s hyperactivity through sugar, may it be by natural sugar (fruits and vegetables) or industrial sugar (candy, donuts etc.).

11:00 CREATIVE LAB (Aleksandra M.] [6] [7]

Designing any object or space for the particular use comes with the doubt of the usefulness as well as personal struggles towards the argument of purpose.This work examines the process of constructing a Creative Lab in Berlin and solves the conflict encountered during the development of the idea. Using the design thinking method the author researched if the general idea of creating such place fits the personal agenda and compared it with other people’s purposes of working in similar places. In relation to obstacles detected during testing the idea, the results of the research are personal and apply only to the author. While the method used in the research can be adjust to another analysis, the conclusion may refer only to this particular study.

11:30 G-LEARNING (Vivek Baskar U.) [8] [9]

To tackle the outdated education system of India and act as a turning point against the depressive nature of the system itself by providing a more fun outtake on the way knowledge is imparted

Though it is close to impossible to change the entire system, the solution would be introduce schools where children are thought everything through simple games and virtual reality thereby retaining the interest of those who partake and also help grow the creativity of students rather than nip it in the bud like the current system

On a deeper note, g-learning aims to tackle the society itself by showing that this system can provide even better results than the current system without compromising the mental health of it’s students.

12:30 DIGITAL ARCHITECT (Vikrant K.) [10] [11]

A digital architect is a person who designs business processes to improve customer experience increase profitability and improve competitive position.


Here you’ll find all the "no-shows". This is a line-up of students, who developped and presented their ideas during the off-line-sessions at the bbw-premesis. But did not show up today:


Worlds upon My Fingers is a mobile exhibition which is passing through Europe, one country to another. What exhibited in this exhibition is, detailed 3D replicas or 3D models of the famous buildings of Worlds History, for instance, Keop’s Pyramid, Hagia Sophia, Brandenburger Tor and more. By making this project, we are helping visually disabled people to have the chance to see or imagine the world’s most important architectural heritage, maybe for the first time in their entire life, by touching and listening these replicas.


In my project I will focus on offering to existing fashion showrooms a possibility of digital ones too.
Digital ones because fashion industry went through many transformations in the last years and as any other industry it also goes digital.
Furthermore, digital showrooms would offer possibility to select pieces more quickly, to make more appointments in one day as buyers could
already and make your selection with detailed product specification online in 3D, to connect with them all around the world and not limit themselves
only to those who can come to Germany physically.
The whole idea serves the purpose to improve and revolutionize wholesale buying experience, adapt it to times we live in and rapid changes in fashion, to
boost sales, make whole process faster, easier.

PAKISTAN-INDIA RELATIONS. A Rocky Course Ahead.(Beant Singh S.) [12]

Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the violent partition of British India in 1947, the Kashmir conflict, and the numerous military conflicts fought between the two nations. Consequently, their relationship has been plagued by hostility and suspicion. Currently after Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, Pakistan cut off bilateral and trade relations with India, recalled the Pakistani ambassador to India, and expelled the High Commissioner of India to Pakistan. Northern India and Pakistan somewhat overlap in areas of certain demographics and shared lingua francas (mainly Punjabi and Hindustani).


For all those, who’re done: enjoy John’s "Postdco Blues":


To empower your presentation here are some quotes from these professionals:

 Conor Neill:
— Starting a speech:

There is a grown-up-way to start with "Once upon a time...": To talk about the quality of life

 Simon Sinek:
— "You stand up to give"!

 Isaac Serwanga

Practice is the key, if you have a chance to speak in front of 10 people, try to practice 10 times with your friends, if you get 100 audiences, practice 100 times on a presentation will surprise you how good you will be in the end.

— about Authenticity:

— about Audacity:

Sorry folks, all these speakers are all male. Here is at least one women

 Rachel Willis
— Presenting & Public Speaking Tips - How to improve skills & confidence:

In case you have the obligation to present online instead, here are some tutorials

 Tips and Best Practices for Presenting Online
(this is more than 10 years old... and still valid ;-)

 5 tips for presenting online

 11 Secrets To Great Interactive Online Presentations In Companies And Universities
(if Forbes is promising to reveal "secrets", be assured this knowledge was published and dismantled before ;-)

 from: http://www.educause.edu/pb

(really helpful tutorial with lots of examples...)



[2postponed on the demand "Do 23.07.2020 16:51"

[3Fundsache: das TOBLERONE Schoggiefest

[42 x ok. 23.07.2020

[5Gute Gliederung, klare Präsentation, ansprechende Grafik, Blick auf andere Veranstaltungen international, Blick auf die "Ur-Substanz", Statistik und Wirklichkeit, Präsemtation der eigenen Festival Idee, -Partner, und USP, und Zielgruppen, Datum, Aktivitäten, - die gesamte Präsentaion bezieht sich auf einen Plan, der ab dem 14. Juli 2021 in NRW Wirklichkeit werden könnte. Kommunikatons-Plan, Sponsoren und Finanzierung... Da das Projekt schon so weit ausgearbeitet ist, kommt der "Dinking-Part" etwas zu kurz und wird von dem Projektplan überlagert. Aber das ist wohl dem Engagement der Beteiligten zuzuschreiben... gut ist, dass ein Feedback Prozess in Gang gesetzt wurde. WS.

[62 x ok 23.07.2020

[7Die Präsentation beginnt der Beschreibung des persönlichen Hintergrundes. Und mit Fragen an die TeilnehmerInnen: gut! Cliffhanger für den Namen des Ortes. Beschreibung von Methode und Prozess. Definiton und Erörterung des Begriff des/der Kreativen. Modell-Beispiel Poznan Labs, und 5 weitere Locations, auch die Aufgabenstellungen und die sich daraus gegebenen Probleme werrden geschildert: gut! Interviews um den Zielfindungsprozess besser zu begreifen. Es werdem auch die Ergegnisse dieses Prozesses präsentiert. "My final decision is aktually not final". Der ganze Prozess ist Gegenstand der Darstellung. Als Tool. WS.

[82 x ok. 23.07.2020

[9Es geht um das veraltete System der Lehre in Indien. Zweifel sind nicht erlaubt. Es gelten nur ’traditionelle’ Werte und nicht die praktischen Erfahrungen. Hohe Selbstmordrate, die belegt sei: "28 pro Tag" (sic!). "Ich habe diese Herausforderungen überlebt, in dem ich games in das System eingebaut habe." Es gibt bereits moderisierte Systeme, aber die führen neue Techniken ohne Sinn ein. Die Staaten in Indien haben ganz und gar unterschiedliche Schulsysteme. Zurück im eigenen Lande wird man zwar nicht alles auf den Kopf stellen können, aber exemplarische Veränderungen gestalten. WS.

PS. Aufgrund eines technischen Handicaps waren die Folien im Verlauf der Präsentation nicht zu sehen, da sie aber an dieser Stelle bereits eingestellt waren, konnten sie dazu parallel verfolgt werden und gelten damit als vorgeführt ;-)

[102 x ok. 22.07.2020

[11Das Thema wird vorgestellt. Vergleich der verschiedenen Kulturen und Strategien. Es werden Beispiele vorgeführt. Und Probleme bei der Umsetzung dieser Prinzipien. Vor allem bei grossen Unternehmen. Die verschiedenen Prototypen werden vorgestellt. Und die Orientierung an den Nutzeranforderungen. Es wird gezeigt, wie wichtig es ist, die richtigen Fragen zu stellen. Der Schluss bezieht sich auf zukünftige Entwicklungen bis hin zu "Cybernetics" und "3D-Printing" (sogar von Musikinstrumenten?) und "Robotics" und "Visual Reality". Alle diese Ausführungen machen an sich Sinn, lassen sich aber - im Gegensatz zu der während der Präsentaition eingesetzten Bilder - nicht auch den Design-Thinking-Prozess zurückverfolgen. Auch auf Nachfragen nicht. WS.

[121 x ok. 09.03.2020

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