Einladung nach Varel

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Endlich gibt es eine Ausstellung mit Werken von Heiko Daxel in seiner Heimatstadt Varel:

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition

Heiko Daxl - "Reality is what stays"
Galerie am Vareler Hafen - Kunstraum im Zollamt
26316 Varel, Am Hafen 1 [Zollamt]

Friday, 3 May at 7pm. Opening exhibition
Sunday 5 May at 1pm. Lecture by Ingeborg Fülepp: Media in Motion, Zagreb-Berlin

Opening hours Sat. and Sun. 1 pm to 5 pm
Run 3 May to 15 June 2019

Welcome by Johannes Hemmen, Chairman Kunstraum Varel e.V.
Introduction Prof. Ingeborg Fülepp, Academy of Applied Arts (APU), University of Rijeka, Croatia

Heiko Daxl was avant-garde - and he was Vareler. Even before anyone realized what was happening on the horizon, he felt these movements. He understood as early as the 1980s that the new media would radically change our understanding and perception of new experience of time. First, he sought places where he could learn and know new things, places that led him out of Varel. Then he moved to the places where the upheavals of European reality were felt, especially Berlin in the late 80s (Fall of the Wall) and Zagreb in the 90s (Yugoslav wars). In Varel, however, he had hardly been taken note of.
The Kunstraum Varel realizes for the first time an exhibition about this artist and curator whose life and work is as stubborn as it is impressive.

Heiko Daxl sought reality and was wiped out by the present. Daxl knew that reality is not identical with the present. Now, after his death, the Kunstraum Varel approaches the questions of Heiko Daxl. "Really is what stays" - a phrase that is more complicated in the world of digital media and virtual communication than it is read at first glance.

Short biography: Heiko Daxl, born on 21.09.1957 in Varel, first began studying architecture and urbanism at the TU Braunschweig after completing school at the Lothar-Meyer-Gymnasium, then moved to the then still young University of Osnabrück. There he studied communication and aesthetics. He was part of the team that founded the "Experimentalfilm Workshop Osnabrück", which eventually became the internationally renowned "European Media Art Festival". For this festival, Heiko Daxl worked until 1992. But in the early 90s, Heiko Daxl increasingly focused on the media art scene in Croatia, where he developed together with his wife Ingeborg Fülepp with the joint label medieainmotion the exhibition series Media-Scape. But living in Berlin since 1994., they influenced the art scene with variety of creative media art installations, videos and exhibitions such as Strictly Berlin (2006-2009). From 2008 Heiko Daxl worked for the EU project "Project X-OP - Exchange of Art Operators and Producers", which focuses on the development of the cultural and creative industries at the European level. On 21.05.2012 Heiko Daxl passed away in Berlin.

Prof. Ingeborg Fülepp
University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts (APU)
Cell +385 (0) 99 3974 718

University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW)
Cell +49 (0) 152 57171 349
Landline +49 (30) 521 355 25




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