HM047 MCI Idea Development & "Dinking" (IV)

BY Dr. Wolf SiegertDATE Saturday Last update: 30 May 2020 at 15:00


Dear All:

First let me say thank you for your ongoing interest and efforts under these very specific conditions.

Second. This is the last session before the exams, so let’s make the max out of it

Third. Do look at the advantages using all these digital media and let’s try them out.

Fourth: Mistakes are allowed. Do fail, fail again, fail better.

Fifth: Presenting a failure as part of your work in progress has a higher value then promising copy cat of a traditional success-story.

Today’s online presence will start at 8:30 am for individual encounters.

At 9:00 am the group meeting will start with a virtual Hello, Coffee and Chai.

There will be all kind of housekeeping remarks and Q’n A’s.

At 9:45 am. we will have a short break and an technical rehearsal.

At 10:00 am, Dr. Sanjay Ranadie will have joint us [1], followed by a short presentation from each of you and a guest lecture on his part.

Here you can see and hear him speaking as Head of the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Mumbai:

Here are some notes the

Indian communication is oral and oral - even today.
Even going to the cinema is an interactive experience.
"There is no word for silence in our languages..."
The reference is the e x p e r i e n c e - and expression!
Expression is many fold... even in drama, including language.
"We are all in a performative space... even just now."
The local and the technical set-up predetermine the state of mind.
What is the e s s e n c e of design? "Rasa"
"A good meal has all 6 Rasas"
Beauty,. Laughter, Sadness,, Anger, Bravery, Danger, Miraculous
The Vaasana-Concept of being aware of all the original internal senses
What is a "good", what is a "bad" feeling - in relation to the outside world?
The Annubhaava leads to the physical experience
The Bhaavas allows to understand the surrounding.
The 7 obstacles:
Lack of imagination | Empathie | Establishing the right frame | freedom or sacrifice? | The mood of the audience | The common ground for interaction | What is happening on your mental backyard? | Creating the "right" environment | What are the conditions of reception? | What is the look-alike of our presentation? |
5 Areas of Rasa:
What kind of experience did you have? How does Rasa work? Who is involved and how? Where is the place of Rasa? "Rasa is in all of us!" Rasa is knowledge... shared by the common experience. Meaning is a constant process... and it is bound to its context.
Sukhar - "By George she’s got it" !
Sahridaya - means that you have made and achieved a complete experience.

The experience and it’s expression are similar - but never the same!
"Language is not necessarily: talking!"
"All design is a work of art. The best way is acting about what we have learned."

"Entertainment, Catharsis, Empowerment" !!!

After his lecture you will be encouraged to ask at least one question each.

11:00 am second break: Get ready to prepare your topics and plans in a dry-rehearsal :

12.00: START!

Here are just the names and a glimpse of the upcoming topics.

 Aarti: Design Thinking in Industries for Recruiting process.

This study explores the issues in HR practices in the process of recruitment for various job vacancies from candidate point of view. The entire process cannot be said as a flawed but process but certain HR models or processes do have certain limitations. To overcome these limitations or make the process easier this study will describe requirements that can be included in an HR model with provision for customization for various job roles and various candidates along with upcoming trends in job application process that can be implemented be implemented by potential candidates.

 Enoch: Design Thinking: Blue Print for "Start-Ups" in Creative Industries.

[Abstract will follow asap.]


[Topic & Abstract will follow asap.]

 M. Margarita: Design Thinking and the development of an idea in the Craft Coffee industry

Design thinking is a great method for the development of new ideas, and to not simply come to the expected conclusion, but to make sure that with creativity, the outcome is an answer to the customer needs in the Craft Coffee area. One of the main tools that will be used is the five step Design Thinking Bootleg from Stanford University. Here, the first steps will be used to know who the main audience is, what their needs and experiences are, and how they can be tailored. The plan is to go through the actual practice of Design Thinking, understand the main theory behind it, and use it to come up with interesting and actionable business ideas in the Craft Coffee industry, which is currently undergoing through a reinvention and revolution.

 Nasir: Design Thinking in Performative Art for Underprivileged Children

[Abstract will follow asap.]

13:30 pm. Individual Follow-up meetings and advisory-talks


[1Here you can read some excerpts from the letter of invitation:

... I was pleased to hear from your interest to join us in an informal talk on our session on Saturday, March 30th. 2020

Here are the links of what happened so far:

On April 4th everything was closed, so I opened up with a flashback insight into former lessons:

On April 18th we started the first course, on April 25th the second one:

On May 16th we’ve had the third session:

It’ quite a challenge. My work is based on interactive work and personal relationships.
But in this course, I’ve not even seen – or met – any of the students.

But, in spite of all this, all the values and virtues of Design Thinking will not be presented as a subject of schooling-sessions, but as a chance to compete with the personal, intellectual and economic challenges in the lives of each of the participants.

Based on this concept my intention was to invite some of my US-colleagues and friends form Alameda up to Stanford. But their time frame does not match with CEST- so I was very pleased to hear that you and your wife may have in interest in joining us this Saturday.

This would allow me as well to take the chance, learning something new, or to share a common experiences with your own specific references and background...

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