HM053 "... Design Thinking" Last Call for papers

BY Dr. Wolf SiegertDATE Friday Last update: 23 June 2021 at 17:52zum Post-Scriptum


Today, May 21st, is/waS the last day to upload the students-papers to pass the HM053 examS [1].

Here are the topics and presentations as of today [2]:

 K L R R: The Golden Dream
A non banking financial Aid

The Golden Dream

Studying abroad is the golden dream of many people, in between, from Latin American students. However, many are forced to give up their dreams because lack of economic resources and opportunities. Scholarships are few, and Commercial, educational loans maintain very high interest rates. In addition, the requirements to apply for one educational loan are many, and not all are candidates since not all fit on the profile. On the other hand, if you decide to finance your studies yourself, it would take many years to collect the money necessary to do it.

Therefore, To support the dreams of thousands of students, "The Golden Dream" is developed. It does not pretend to be a scholarship, much less bank financing, and the aim is to offer the students other financial options. The Golden Dream pretends to be financing with a human face, where the student could obtain the money they need to cover their expenses corresponding to their first school year without returning it.

The goal is to help them to fulfill their academic goals. In exchange, students will collaborate with us by teaching courses and workshops which can benefit the Berlin community, contributing to the professional development of many people who want to find a better job but due to the lack of professional training, knowledge, or the management of some software needed for their professional life they are not able to get those opportunities. We are going to train them by providing them the tools they need for, through our courses. The Golden dream wants to offer this training at a cost below the market; thus, we want to support two communities, our Latin American students in need and the community in Berlin, looking for better job opportunities.

 R H [3]: The Chinese in Germany, Job opportunity, and future
Establish a communication platform for sharing work experience and entrepreneurial ideas for Chinese in Germany

A growing number of Chinese people are coming to Germany to study and work, and there is a lot of business cooperation between Germany and China.
However, many people do not know how to find the right job or take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as to have their contacts and how to integrate into the German employment environment. So my idea is to create a website, first of all, to provide a platform for communication, by
organizing regular online and offline activities or hybrid activities for Chinese people in Germany to discuss their work experience and business ideas in Germany, where they can present their opinions or confusion, get more information and inspiration through mutual communication, and accumulate contacts.

In addition to the user communication, we also organize some theme events, invite experts from a particular industry or company to speak and interact with people, answer questions, through these exchanges to have a deeper understanding of an industry or certain job content, to help career planning, and encourage innovation. It can also help companies invited to the event to promote their companies or help entrepreneurs find investors.

 E T: Implementation of Design Thinking in Successful Organizations
Personal findings for strategizing a roadmap for my future business

Design thinking as a creative problem-solving approach enables social innovation and enhances overall productivity in every organization. As an eager entrepreneur who wants to create a social impact, I’m interested in researching the organizations implement design thinking successfully to their businesses. In conclusion, I also would like to share my personal experience with design thinking in purpose of strategizing a roadmap for my future business.

 F E V P: Carpentry Roots
Sustainable and Creative Furniture

Carpentry Roots

Ave Retro was born in 2016 as an experimental workshop that sees the opportunity to take waste materials as raw material to give a sustainable look to design. This is where we focus our gaze on wood and the craft of carpentry.
Using various woods, we give freedom to the creation of designs with an active participation with the client. We base our work on achieving functionality, aesthetics and avant-garde so that each object has its own stamp. The result can be an interesting hybrid or the rescue of the most classic forms, the idea is to never stop experimenting.

 S G: A brief research about: how Covid- 19 effects the cultural and creative industries globally?
How design thinking can be helpful in Post covid-19 ?

How Covid-19 effects the Cultural and Creative Industries Globally?

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, Covid- 19, the entire world went into turmoil with several countries implementing stringent regulatory measures in their attempts to flatten the curve of transmission of the deadly virus.
Different industries in various sectors were gradually shutdown. Many industries lost their turnover even in the first months of the lock down. Among them, Cultural Creative sectors (CCS) were also hit severely by the impact of the pandemic.
In this short paper, we shall determine, the causes of these severe blows inflicted upon the CCS by the pandemic; the various approaches undertaken by different countries to create new opportunities for compensating the turnover losses; and, analysing the current pandemic as a crisis that could recur again, where design thinking can be of help in managing the calamity. [4]

 H Ö: OrderEasy

The recent years shows us the big changes of the classical business models to digitalized business models. These new digitalized business models provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. New startups and new business models make the market for young people attractive and push them to come up with new ideas. We are in an age where everything goes online and digital. During the pandemic, we closed ourselves at home and try to adapt to our new normal. What happened in this pandemic time? As an example we started take our courses online. This a huge change for the students and this is also new challenge for the community. (Digital Marketing, 2020)There was a big change and huge increase on online sales, to not only buy clothes, books or electronic devices. We all get used to order meal via some companies like liferando, liferheld etc. We get used to the new “online” world. We all hope this pandemic time will end and we will get completely adapt to the new normal.
Digitalization becomes a hot topic during this pandemic time; there are too many stakeholders in this pandemic time who made corporation in this time. For example, the governments become digital to take the date for the citizens. Some governments wanted to have every information what the citizens do to control the pandemic.
If a person wanted to go shopping, he or she has to make an appointment before and do it online. Some restaurants create an online menu to get reduce the contact because of this corona.
My idea is to create an app for the restaurants to take the orders online easily and fast in restaurants. OrderEasy is an application, it works with QR codes, and it allows browsing digital menu, sending order directly from mobile phones or tablets to the restaurant workers. It has also possibility to get payments from the customers with different paying methods for example PayPal, credit card, Klarna etc.