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Dear Wolf Siegert,

Once again we would like to thank you for participating in Handbook of Media and Communication Economics, edited by Jan Krone and Tassilo Pellegrini. This is a gentle reminder that the due date for your contribution has now passed (please see the article title(s) below):

• »Lectures for Digital Residents. Preface to the Handbook of Media and Communication Economics« (entry type: "General"; Author(s): Siegert, W.*)

Wenn die angeforderte englische Version des deutschen Textes veröffentlicht werden soll - ohne dass der Verlag für die Übersetzung eine Finanzierung anbietet, sondern eine maschinelle Übersetzung mit deepL - sind diese Bedingungen zu akzeptieren:

General Information to Contributors
of the work "Handbook of Media and Communication Economics"
edited by Prof. Dr. Jan Krone, Tassilo Pellegrini
(hereinafter called Work)

published under the imprint Springer. This Work is published by
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, Abraham-Lincoln-Strasse 46, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany
(hereinafter called Publisher)

The below Terms & Conditions of the Work hereinafter apply to all contributions and any updates to the contributions made by the author Wolf Siegert, IRIS® Media, Berlin, Deutschland (hereinafter called “Contributor”) to this Work.
Three parts are provided:

I. The Copyright Transfer Statement for Contributors of the Work,
II. The statement about Rights Retained by the Contributor, and the
III. Terms of Use for the use of Major Reference Works on Springer platforms.

I. Copyright Transfer Statement
In order to complete the registration with Meteor, Contributors transfer the copyright of their Contributions on behalf of all co-authors of the respective Contributions:

The copyright to all contributions submitted to the Work and any updates of existing contributions, including any supplementary information and graphic elements therein, e.g. illustrations, charts, moving images, (the “Contributions”), is hereby assigned for good and valuable consideration to the Publisher (respective to the copyright-holder of the Work if other than the Publisher).
Contributor hereby grants and assigns to Publisher the exclusive, sole, permanent, world-wide, transferable, sub-licensable and unlimited right to reproduce, publish, distribute, transmit, make available or otherwise communicate to the public, translate, publicly perform, archive, store, lease or lend and sell the Contributions or parts thereof individually or together with other works in any language, in all revisions and versions (including soft cover, book club and collected editions, anthologies, advance printing, reprints or print to order, microfilm editions, audiograms and videograms), in all forms and media of expression including in electronic form (including offline and online use, push or pull technologies, use in databases and data networks (e.g. the Internet) for display, print and storing on any and all stationary or portable end-user devices, e.g. text readers, audio, video or interactive devices, and for use in multimedia or interactive versions as well as for the display or transmission of the Contributions or parts thereof in data networks or search engines, and posting the Contributions on social media accounts closely related to the Work, as well as using the Work for educational or training purposes, e.g. but not limited to use in massive open online courses), in whole, in part or in abridged form, in each case as now known or developed in the future, including the right to grant further time-limited or permanent rights. Publisher especially has the right to permit others to use individual illustrations, tables or text quotations and may use the Contributions for advertising purposes. For the purposes of use in electronic forms, Publisher may adjust the Contributions to the respective form of use and include links (e.g. frames or inline-links) or otherwise combine them with other works and/or remove links or combinations with other works provided in the Contributions. For the avoidance of doubt, all provisions of this contract apply regardless of whether the Contributions and/or the Work itself constitute a database under applicable copyright laws or not.
The copyright in the Contributions shall be vested in the name of Publisher. Contributor has asserted his/her right(s) to be identified as the originator of the Contributions in all editions and versions of the Work and parts thereof, published in all forms and media. Publisher may take, either in its own name or in that of Contributor, any necessary steps to protect the rights granted under this Agreement against infringement by third parties. It will have a copyright notice inserted into all editions of the Work and on the Contributions according to the provisions of the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC).
Contributor agrees, at the request of Publisher, to execute all documents and do all things reasonably required by Publisher in order to confer to Publisher all rights intended to be granted under this Agreement. Contributor warrants that the Contributions are original except for such excerpts from copyrighted works (including illustrations, tables, animations and text quotations) as may be included with the permission of the copyright holder thereof, in which case(s) Contributor is required to obtain written permission to the extent necessary and to indicate the precise sources of the excerpts in the manuscript. Contributor is also requested to store the signed permission forms and to make them available to Publisher if required.
Contributor warrants that he/she is entitled to grant the rights in accordance with the clauses above, that Contributor has not assigned such rights to third parties, that the Contributions have not heretofore been published in whole or in part, that the Contributions contain no libellous or defamatory statements and do not infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory right or proprietary right of others, including rights obtained through licences; and that Contributor will indemnify Publisher against any costs, expenses or damages for which Publisher may become liable as a result of any claim which, if true, would constitute a breach by Contributor of any of the Contributor’s representations or warranties in this Agreement. Contributor agrees to amend the Contributions to remove any potential obscenity, defamation, libel, malicious falsehood or otherwise unlawful part(s) identified at any time. Any such removal or alteration shall not affect the warranty and indemnity given by Contributor in this Agreement.
Contributor agrees to keep the Contributions regularly updated. If Contributor, for whatever reason, is not willing or able to update the Contributions, they may be updated by existing or new co-authors of the respective Contributions or by members of the Editorial Board. These updates will only be offered to the public once they have been approved either by the Contributor, by one of the existing co-authors or – in case neither of them are able to approve the update - by a member of the Editorial Board in the Contributor’s scientific field of interest and/or by the Editor-in-Chief of the Work.
The Publisher is entitled to carry out editorial changes to the Contributions within the usual limits for publishing. Publisher may at any time control the information on this website and if necessary remove all or parts of it.
If any difference shall arise between Contributor and Publisher concerning the meaning of this Agreement or the rights and liabilities of the parties, the parties shall engage in good faith discussions to attempt to seek a mutually satisfactory resolution of the dispute. This agreement shall be governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The courts of Berlin, Germany shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

Special Agreement for employees of the U.S. Government or of Crown Bodies in UK, Canada or Australia:
I am an employee of the U.S. Government and prepared the Contributions as part of my official duties.

The parties acknowledge that there may be no basis for claim of copyright in the United States to a Contribution prepared by an officer or employee of the United States government as part of that person’s official duties (Title 17 U.S.C. § 105). If the Contributions were performed under a United States government contract, but Contributor is not a United States government employee, Publisher grants the United States government royalty-free permission to reproduce all or part of the Contributions and to authorise others to do so for United States government purposes.
I am an employee of a Crown Body located in UK, Canada or Australia.

If the Contributions were prepared or published by or under the direction or control of the Crown (i.e., the constitutional monarch of the Commonwealth realm) or any Crown government department, the copyright in the Contributions shall, subject to any agreement with the Contributor, belong to the Crown.

II. Rights Retained by the Contributors
Contributor retains, in addition to uses permitted by law, the right to communicate the content of the Contributions to other research colleagues, to share the Contributions with them in manuscript form, to perform or present the Contributions or to use the content for non-commercial internal and educational purposes, provided the original source of publication is cited according to current citation standards.

III. Terms of Use
See Terms of Use.


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