MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit6

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Here is a summary of the scripts published so far:

 Onboarding ME&MP MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics

 ME&MP "Take Off" MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit1

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit2

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit3

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit4

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit5

In the last course we’ve collected your proposals:

How the mass media violates consumers’ privacy rights

 iRIGHTS -> Henry Steinhau

Chile: a critical review of recent historic political media

 Press freedom index in Chile from 2015 to 2021

 Reuters Institute: Chile

 Gunter Holzweissig Massenmedien in der DDR

Vogue magazine – History and evolution

 FIPP Limited

Is there a « Disney Culture » ?

 Disneyland Paris

Efforts for a free Turkish media and to tackle political oppression in Turkey

 Committee to Protect Journalists

analysis of the telegram social network as a mass media and communication

 Meet Pavel Durov, the tech billionaire who founded Telegram

Influence of digitalization on traditional media

 Digital Innovators Summit

[The conflict of multiculturalism in new media] or
[Navigating one’s way through the world of multimedia; A personal perspective] or [The faces of feminism in new media]

Violence and media

game The German Games Industry Association

Newspaper Magazine Future and past

 German Newspaper Publishers and Digitalpublishers Association

Language policy in Ukrainian mass media 2012-2022

 Wilsoncenter: Media in Ukraine: A Domain of the State, the Oligarchs, or the Public?


These were the guidelines for your choice:
> Your personal interest in this topic
> The sources you have available to tackle the subject
> The background of your country of origin: Chile, India, Italy, Mauritius, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, ...
> If this subject might be a first trigger for your bachelors’ thesis

Now we have to look at all the content prepared in the lecture’s series to support your needs for material and background.

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