Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (III)

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Day Three to Go.

On Day Two we compared the "Stanford-Way" of "DINKINIG" at the D-School, referring to these major steps of development:

— Empathise
— Define
— Ideate
— Prototype
— Test

with our own way of "defining" Design Thinking:

— "Problem"
— Incubation
— Core Idea
— Conception
— Defining Details / Features
— Prototyping
— Testing
— Evaluation
.... and again, we start with: "Problem" again

We managed to identify these specific initiators / triggers / Influencers:
— Inspiration
— Values
— Intuition
— Timing

The timeline:

 19-02-23: For today the aim is to identify...

— subjects, themes, ideas to work with
— the students groups as well as individuals who will tackle these
— the framework for the upcoming sessions as indicated here:

 19-03-01: Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (IV)
Testing and evaluating your proposals
(in group centric trials using the "Dinking" methodology

 19-03-15: Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (V)
Online-Evaluation of HM020 by the students present;
Presenting your projects
(with ore without internal/external audience and judges?)

 2019-03-15/18: These are the deadlines for the delivery:
— the presentation-software and -results have to be delivered offline on Friday, 15th
— the paper, script, thesis... may be ’refurbished’ during the week-end but has to be delivered by mail on Monday, 18th. the latest. Any further delay, by whatever reasons soever, will not be accepted.

 19-03-16: Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (VI)
Evaluation of the presentations, and celebrating a common exercise (like preparing, presenting and sharing food )

This paper is a pretext to learn to deal with the tools helpful or even necessary for writing a master-thesis. But it has not to be a copycat for this presentation (it could be an abstract, a "making-of-paper", a commented illustration of the slides used, ...).

If the presentation / paper is conceived and disigned and written and presented by more than on person, evidence has to be declared and shown who did what.

Here, as a reminder, the

Guideline of Academic Work

As as reminder here are some guidelines for the presentations, assembled on at the 2nd. session, February, 22nd. 2019 and agreed today:

— The presentation is the result of the design thinking process.

— The students present are a challenging- and dialogue-partner for each presenter during the process of development.

— The process of finding the theme and designing the framework is part of the work that may be presented.

— It is allowed to present a project / projects, an idea /ideas, even an intuition - not yet ready for print and execution, but ready for discussion - as long the application of the "Dinking" methodology will be obvious.

— It has to be comprehensive even for those, who are not specialists in the field.

— It is not necessary to present a traditional complete design-concept. It is allowed and even fostered to use the idea of "design" as part of complete rethinking concept.

— The tools of the presentation can vary from Power-Point/havard-graphics-follow-up-products/Keynote/Prezi up to making a Video. Everything is permitted to do the "thinking-out-of-the-box".

— You don’t fail because you present a process that failed. But do show us, how you managed this process and what kind of obstacles hampered you to be successful.

— The most difficult challenge of this project is the chance to create something you’ve really dreamed of.

Here is an evaluation scheme for collecting credit points:

Some bbw-script-based sources and resources assembled:

 Design-Thinking @ bbw HM029 (I)
 Design Thinking & Idea Development (HM022) II
 Design Thinking & Idea Development (I)
 Design Thinking SS 2017 (3)
 Design Thinking & Idea Development (V)
 Design Thinking & Idea Development (III)
 Design Thinking & Idea Development (II)
 Ästhetik & Design Thinking (V)
 Ästhetik - Design - Denken (III)
 Ästhetik - Design - Denken (I)

Some conferences and encounters assembled:

Digitising Europe, Berlin, 19-02-19

 Berlin - Bundeskanzlerin - Digitalisierung

Digital Live Design, DLD, Munich, 19-02-19/20/21/22

 München: CSU und/oder DLD (I)
 DLD Munich (II)
 DLD Munich (III)
 DLD Munich (Museum Stage)

d.confestival, Potsdam, 17-09-14/15



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