Preview: Start der AWE Europe 2024 in Wien

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Dienstag Letzte Bearbeitung: 23. Juni 2024 um 21 Uhr 17 Minuten

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The presentation recalls my references to C.G. Jung in my Berlin talk at AWE 2016: AWE EUROPE (I).
In Vienna, the home-town of S. Freud, my presentation will relate to two new publications
 on dreams in 2022: "Traumtranskripte und Individuation. Mementos aus dem mentalen Maschinenhaus.In eigener Sache: Buchmesse Frankfurt/Main
 on "Social and Professional Life Beyond Digitalization" [Springer Nature, 2025]

If you’re interested in this kind of approach, do let me know and I’ll send you more details